Do Violent Games Cause Violence and Makes Future Criminals

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For decades there has been a debate if games make people more aggressive and it is truly bad for people. On one side there are people who say video games are a menace to society and that it makes future criminals, but on the other side, there are people saying that games don’t make you more aggressive and that it is just a fun way to pass time. So do violent games cause violence? 

The first signs that video games do not cause violence come from the correlation between crime rates and video game sales. In the 1970s the popularity of games increased with titles like pong, tank, breakout, Deathrace, and space invaders, but violent video games didn’t come out until the 1990s with games like Megaman, Mario, Doom, Metal Gear, and Die Hard. Ever since the 1990s crime rates have decreased except for the spike in 1991; by 2002 crime rates per 100,000 people went from almost 6,000 to 4,000 crimes per 100,000 people. Now if what people say about games making the other half violent shouldn’t there have been increases in crime rates since 1990? But here’s more proof.

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The U.S is not the only country to buy and play games, yes it is the top country to buy games with the U.S buying 36,869 million dollars worth of games, but that doesn’t mean that others countries have not bought a lot of games as well with the other top 9 countries with China being 2nd with a whopping 36,540 million dollars, Japan being in 3rd with 18,952 million dollars, The Republic of Korea is in 4th place buying 6,194 million dollars worth of games, Germany in 5th place buying 6,012 million dollars of games, the United Kingdom in 6th place spending 5,616 million dollars on games, France being in 7th place spending 4,091 million dollars worth of games, Canada in 8th place with 2,727 million dollars worth of games bought, 9th place being Spain paying 2,735 million dollars for games, and lastly Italy being the 10th greatest consumer of games with 2,689 million dollars worth of games.

The U.S is also not the top country to play video games with the top 10 countries to play games with the top 10 countries having China come in first with 1,420 million people playing games, the USA coming in 2nd place with 329 million people playing games, Japan placing 3rd with 127 million people playing, Germany has the 4th largest population to play games with 82 million people playing games, the United Kingdom has the 5th largest population to play games with 67 million people playing, the 6th country to have the largest number of people to play games in France with 65 million gamers, France is the 7th country to have the highest number of gamers playing games with 59 million players, leaving the Republic of Korea in 8th place with 51 million players playing games, Spain is the 9th largest country to play games with 46 million people having games, and lastly Canada is in 10th place with there being over 36 million gamers playing games.

The same goes for online services for games as well with China coming in first place again with the most games played online with 901 million people playing on PC, the U.S also comes in 2nd place again with 274 million people playing games on PC, Japan comes in 3rd place with their country having 127 million PC players playing games online, in 4th place is Germany with 77 million people playing games on PC, in 5th place with 65 million PC gamers playing online is the United Kingdom, France is the country with the 6th largest population to play games online with PC with 59 million players, in 7th place the country with the largest PC online gamer community is the Republic of Korea with 49 million people, Italy is the 8 largest country to have people playing games online with 42 million people, in 9th place Spain is the largest country to have people play games on PC with 40 million people playing online, and lastly in 10th place Canada has 40 million people playing online games on PC.

If games truly did cause violence like the other half says then there should be an increase in violence in other countries but that is not the case which brings me to my next point; that America is just a violent country and it’s not so much that games make people aggressive, but it’s more that the difficulty in games make people more agitated causing them to have a violent moment. 

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