The Hardships of Being Faithful to God and Religion

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The Hardships of Being Faithful to God and Religion

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The truth is, I have seen believers who were so hot for Christ and everything about Him suddenly turn cold. These are people that I look up to in my local church and most times I wondered what went wrong.

Frankly speaking, it's not an easy thing to serve the Lord. There are times, we would want to give up maybe because we feel God is too slow or His too merciful to pass judgement on evil people, things are not going rosy for us and we all want the good things of life. Sometimes, we face rejection from those around us, we are being called names from friend and colleagues just because we refuse to compromise our standards. All these things are not easy, but the truth is whatever we do for the sake of Christ will never go in vain. God will always have a way of rewarding those who diligently seek Him. He doesn't forget.

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Are you faithful to his call? Are you being persecuted? Are you being rejected? Are you depriving yourself so much for the kingdom's seek? Today, I am here to encourage you not to worry, your pay check will come. I want you to know that everything that you have ever did for God in one way or the other, He will surely reward you because He knows how to reward his children as long as we remain steadfast in love and faith.

Let's take a look at some famous people in the bible that walked with God and also got heavily rewarded;

Moses: He had everything going so well for him until God called him to work for Him. He went through rough times, but God delivered him at all times.

Abraham: Abraham walked with God in faith and love. He faced a lot of challenges, but today he is the father of all nations.

Daniel: We all know what happened to him. He was thrown into the lion's den, but as usual God showed up.

The Three Hebrew boys: This is one of my favorite stories. They were thrown into the fiery furnace because they loved God and yet again, God delivered them.

Joseph: He faced a lot of challenges right from his father's house to his master's house, but God showed His supremacy.

Jesus: Our Lord suffered for the sake of humanity. He was bruised, humiliated, and flogged all for the work of his Father. God rewarded him with a name above all names.

Jesus has gone through the difficulties, pains, and disappointments that we go through. Jesus understands, he knows what it is to be disgraced, to be punished for doing no wrong and I can assure us that he will never leave us alone. We shall over come in Jesus name. The most High will more than handsomely reward you.

Do you know how I know? Here are some of the reasons why God will surely reward those who diligently seek him

God is still on the throne

God is in control. The throne of God is not like the earthly throne where there will be an election/appointment to select new leaders, tenure with years to rule. There is no provision for such stories. God is God and will reign forever. He is not contesting with anyone with Jesus sitting at the right hand side of the throne. This simply means, the rules of blessing His children still stands.

He has promised

God has promised to reward those who walk with Him. We know He is not a man that He should lie. His word is final, yea, and amen. So, because he has promised us then He will surely keep to His promise.

To differentiate His children from others

We were created to do exploits for the Lord. We are unique, a chosen generation. God stated that He will show the world the difference between those who serve Him and those who don't serve Him. The righteous and unrighteous.

It is natural

They say hard work pays. This simply means work hard and get rewarded. Even the bible says a labourer is worthy of his wages. God is a God of standards and principles so He will reward those that work in His vineyard because they deserve to be paid. This is actually very simple.

You kept your part

We were created by God to walk with Him, have a personal relationship with Him, worship and serve Him, and tell others about Him. Now, you did all these that means you kept your own part of the agreement. Don't you think He will keep His? He is a promise keeper.

Once again, I am here to encourage everyone of us to invest in the heavenly Kingdom because your investment will reap bountifully. Your faithfulness will be rewarded Your love for lost souls will be duly rewarded Your prayers & fasting will not go in vain Your love for Christ shall attract a great reward All those trials, temptation, and pressures from loved ones to give in to the world will be rewarded. Remember, Jesus is at the right hand of God intercepting for us.

In conclusion

Whenever the devil shows his ugly face to make you feel you've wasted your time on the things of the Lord just tell him off. Don't let your mind play a fast one on you. Do not give up now, you've come too far from where you started from. Don't let your investment go to waste. Stay strong in the Lord and you shall get your pay check

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