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The Educational Tale on the Dependence of Happiness on Money

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In Suzhou China, lived a very wealthy lawyer and a very poor man. These two men were neighbours.

Chao, was a very relaxed man who was known by many as a blissful and sound person. He had two children and a wife but very little education which always resulted in Chao not being able to find a high paying job. He never bothered to close his front door nor cover his windows at night. He had deep unbothered sleeps and no worry at the back of his head. Although he had almost no money, he was still happy and loved.

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Chaun was a very tense and nervous person. people in his village would describe him as a grumpy workaholic. He had no children nor a wife. Chaun spent most his hours working at his office and had no time to make friends and meet new people. He was lonely. At night, Chaun was keen on closing all doors and covering his windows. He could never sleep well. He was always afraid that someone would break in and and open his safes and take all his money. He envied the peaceful life his neighbour lived. Chaun wanted so bad to feel the same peace Chao felt and decided to give him a portion of his wealth thinking it will make them feel equal.

One morning, Chaun invited Chao over and gave him a boxful of money saying “ my dear friend. I have been blessed with more than enough wealths and see that you are raising your family in poverty. So, take this money and live your life happily and in prosperity.”

Chao was overwhelmingly happy. He ran to his small home and told his wife and children. What started off as joyful and a sense of relief quickly turned into his worst nightmare as problems arose. Chaos children started to argue over how much of the profit they shall receive and his wife argued the same. Night came. Chao went to bed but he did not have a ease of mind. He closed all his doors and covered his windows. He made sure to sleep with his boxful of money and even slept away from his wife and kids afraid someone would take it from him. During his disturbed night, he decided this newly welcomed wealth was tearing his family apart and gave him no peace of mind.

As day broke, Chao run to Chuan’s house with the boxful of money untouched. He gave Chuan his money saying “ My dear friend, i am poor but wealthy in happiness. As generous as it was, your money took peace away from my family and I. please spare me and take your money back.”

With that, Chuan learned that money can not give you happiness and that he must change his lifestyle to pursue his peace.


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