Does History Repeat Itself and Knowledge of Past History, Origin and Culture

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“A person without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” These were the words of Marcus Garvey a civil rights movement activist who was an integral part of events which have moulded the world we live in today.To begin with the most asked question historians receive is, why is history even important? The answer is as rhetorical as the question, quite simply history is inescapable. It talks about our existence when 343 million years ago we evolved into becoming Homo Sapiens that we are today. It talks about how the modern man created a system of living, how he rose. Each one of us is a living example of history.

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To provide evidence to all present here to this rather evident question the very languages we use are inherited and evolved from the past. All education systems let students learn these languages because without languages the world we live in won’t make a lot of sense. Even what I am to you speaking right now; English a Romanic (Roman) language formed from latin and to shed light on the topic romanic languages have evolved from Latin which was used in the roman civilisation . Used in courtrooms and parliaments. Even today its flower bloom in forms of modern romanic languages like English, French, German, Italian and several others. Not only language Our ancestors have created much complex aspects we see in daily life such as worshiping and practicing religious faiths to name a few ancient religions which still have huge impact in today's world. Hinduism, Juadasiaim etcetera.

In today's society we really don’t think about our ancestors, and how they have impacted us and a question arises in one’s mind and that history repeat itself. How is The study of the past is essential for 'rooting' people in time and why should that matter? Well people who feel to be rootless end up living rootless lives and cause a lot of damage not only to others but to themselves as well , and some can embrace their culture and be one with it. But in all these cases the understanding of history is a great example of the human condition this allows people to evolve and build, no solution can be found until you find the context of the starting point. Every one of us should move beyond the social constraints of life and should evolve into thinking and finally becoming one with every person after all each one of us began as a singularity.

A popular saying goes by “ does history repeat it self ? ” Quite simply it does. The best example I can give to you which is still relevant today is the dictatorship happening in Korea. The Kim dynasty which started from Kim il sung a Korean person brought up in china where communism flourished after WW2 when the cold war or the conflict of ideologies began he came in power and was trained and supported by the USSR. Later he found the dictatorship which still persists in the hermit kingdom of Korea;one should learn from past events.

Many of us at certain points of time believe that how can what happened many years ago affect today or the future and that history really repeat itself. It is true that some factors have shaped the way we live. Some of these examples you and I can relate to in our lives when we tried to study history the most common problem with history are dates. First of all there are so many of them for time the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. It's important to the position of an event taken place in time and we remember it with the usage of dates it is a practical approach but the question still remains what is it important to the the date of the second battle of Waterloo or the invasion of normandy as a student. One of the most boring and useless subjects we find is history boring and not useful in any way. But history teaches us about how the past events like the battle of Waterloo still shapes our world today firstly we need to know that the battle was fought in the town of waterloo in Belgium between France and England . England the victors would go on to make revolutionary changes and ultimately become a super power by cultivating the industrial revolution and the process of colonisation several countries made them one of the richest empires known to the universe. Even today as I am speaking to right now the battle of waterloo's effect can be seen. 

To conclude I will say that “WE are not makers of history. WE are made by it.”




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