The Diet Theory on Kale and Its Effects on Weight Loss

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No human being is exactly like another, many people have different body types, eating habits and metabolisms. There must be specific scientific research to prove that the reason 30 women lost weight was they ate of kale. There needs to be research going into if kale was the sole reason weight was lost, perhaps it was the kale reacting to other foods they may have eaten. Those 30 women could have lost weight because, they have fast metabolisms, they workout regularly or they are were already losing weight. There is no evidence given in the scenario to prove that the sole reason for their weight loss was kale. Kale may have speed up the weight loss of some of those women, but there is no actual evidence to prove that these two correlate. Does kale only work because of women’s hormone levels, does it cause weight gain in men? These are just some of the questions the researchers should answer before claiming it to be a scientific fact.

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This study has inadequate information to be considered an actual scientific fact. The method used to test if kale was a good food for weight loss is practically un replicable. The group used for this study was a group of 60 women, we are not told the health of these women, the age, their regular diet or their exercise routine. This study further has unreliable data as they did not test the effect of kale on multiple groups of women, or in the long term and one of the biggest flaws is that they did not test its effects on men. The chance of being able to duplicate this study, is very unlikely, thus proving that is study is not replicable. Dr. Phil McGraw claims Kale is a great weight loss food, with little to no evidence backing his claim. The method used to test his discovery was completely random and does not test all possible scenarios to why their women lost weight. There is no conclusive evidence proving his claim, and even if the study he did in women was perfect, there is way more evidence we need to prove kale is an actual weight loss food. What are kales long term effects, how does kale react to other genders and body types? The evidence he gives is inadequate which therefore make his claim too extraordinary to be correct.

Dr. McGraw says that his wife also lost weight after eating kale, and that along with his study proves that kale is a good weight loss food. How are people supposed to believe kale will make you lose weight if there has only been one study to date. Dr. McGraw relies on the facts that 30 women and his wife lost weight while eating kale. He claims this all proves the fact that his theory is correct, but all he is doing is telling us a possible outcome based on the experiences he has seen. He is telling us a glorified story, that we should believe because he is a doctor.

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