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Does Maternal Spanking Lead To Bullying Behavior At School?

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The intention of this research was to investigate and to get a better understanding if parental punishments play a role of how a child is raised and how does these punishments influence the child to become a bully themselves. Throughout history punishments as spanking, kicking, beating and many more were seen as a favorable thing to their children, but now on the day these punishments are not only seen bad but it also prohibited are charged with domestic violence. As this study mentioned, in the United States half of the American children will be feeling a physical punishment at their first 12 months of old, while on the other half will be feeling a punishment until their 2 years of old. Even though many other kinds of researches have shown that punishments might cause: aggression, mental health problems, antisocial behavior, negative children-parent relationship, and low self-esteem; parents still used physical punishments at according, 80 percent of all children in the globe had been received any type of punishment.

The method for this study was to selectively collect biological mothers who have been married to their biological father at year 10. Another characteristic of this investigation was that 47 percent of the total population were female and the remaining 52 percent were males. When talking about the ethnicity/race in the investigation with almost 46 percent were considered white and the rest were African Americans with 28 percent, Asian 5 percent and the rest were less than 1 percent. Next, their mother’s educational level was also taken into consideration in this study. In order to view and study statistics, the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study (FFCWS), as well as the Columbia University and Princeton University data collection, were fundamental in the creation of this investigation. Next, the procedure of this study was to record data at 4 different stages for 4 years: (1) children who had 12-months- old, (2) children who had 3-years-old, (3) children who had 5-years-old, next, (4) children who had 9-years-old. When measuring the data collected, the mother they were given a survey asking them about spanking their children and how many times they punished them and about how many times a day, week, month or year.

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For the results, a model named autoregressive cross-lagged was used in order to find the comparison or the relationship about spanking and been a bully in different time periods. This autoregressive model predicted that maternal punishments at the time period (1) was more likely to continue to the next time period, and the second period of 3 year olds were more likely to be spank to 5, however, at the time period of 5-years-old it did not show a prediction to the 9 years. The study also indicated that males were most likely to continue the punishments all until the time period of the 5-years-age, mothers were less likely to continue the punishments until the age of 9. As this research portray the results it shows that spanking their children at early years really influenced the children to become a bully themselves and at the same time it conditioned the parents to continue the punishment until the 5 years-age. In my opinion, I think parents should come out with new types of punishments to their children because physical punishments instead of controlling or put a correction to their children it conditioned the children to become more aggressive to others and in addition to this if they have a technological gadget it becomes a dangerous thing for everyone. The main issue here is to work on the “root” of the problem in the early years of the children because they are fundamental to how there will be raised. Problems, as bullying and cyberbullying, are issues that come in second, because everything can be avoided if they are treated the issue early.


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