The Existence of Santa Claus: the Tale of Saint Nicholas

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The Existence of Santa Claus: The Tale of Saint Nicholas

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Does Santa Claus Exists?

From many years, the stainless or pure minds of the kids have been purposely fooled by the existence of Santa by the elders in the world. Every child unknowingly grows up thinking of the lie that there exists a creation of God that is the incarnation of the good in the world, called the Santa. Though it may be a good thing to believe in the good as it helps the mind stay positive, believing in a lie is bad for a mind, as it creates illusions of things that do not exist. Thus, it would be right to establish that Santa Claus does not exist and is merely a fret and foul in our mind. The existence through various proofs demonstrate that presence of Santa is a lie. The gift tradition, in which it is falsely believed that Santa gives the gifts, is supposed to be exchange of gifts in honour of Saint Nicholas. Moreover, Santa who is believed to be apparently immortal, cannot be immortal as he was an ordinary human alike all us. Furthermore, all progenitors know the reality that Santa does not exist, and they placed gifts on behalf of Santa for their children, and if guardians believed Santa existed, they would’ve rather waited for Santa to bring the gifts instead of placing them for their children by themselves.

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The gifts received by the child’ on Christmas is actually presented by their parents to them. Adults know the reality behind the existence of Santa, especially parents when they are presenting gifts from the side of Santa to their kids. Then why do parents still lie to their children, as if it would hurt to reveal to them that their parents got those gifts? Considering about the origin and antiquity, Saint Nicholas was born somewhere around 280 AD. He was the only child of prosperous parents who were true believers and they waited too long for their child. Extremely happy with God, his parents decided to devote him to God. Being treated with extreme care and attention, he had developed a very soft and caring personality. However, things do not always stay good and his parents died in a plague in his hometown. The death of his parents further made him charitable as his parents had also left him a large fortune and his heart further melted for the people. He was chosen as the Archbishop of Myra (what is Myra) and his reputation and fame increased forever. He is said to have died on 6th of December and it was after his death that the stories that we know today started developing. In his honour, people decided to celebrate the tradition of providing gifts to others, but with time the story that Santa comes and places the gifts for the children started taking root. The stories kept increasing and after some time, elves were also associated with Santa, then his flying across the sky was added to the tale and it kept going on forever. Therefore, the existence of Santa can more so be due to storytelling done by generations, and less to the actual existence.

Santa, or Saint Nicholas, was an ordinary human like the rest of us. Though he was extremely charitable, and was well known for it, but like all humans, he was a mortal, and his death lies inked in the pages of history (citation). Thus, it would be right to remember him as a historical figure but passing on the lie in generations about his immortal existence would be an absurd idea. Moreover, knowing the truth about Santa’s history, it can be easily established that Saint Nicholas was a mere human being like the rest of us, and none of us has the ability of being immortal. We all are born once and live through the course of our lives and once the limit is over, we cannot exceed it a millisecond more. The quality of immortal can only be associated with God. Thus, considering that Santa Claus is immortal would be substituting Santa as God, which would seem absurd to the least of the believers, let alone the true believers. Therefore, it is established that Santa Claus is not God, then what is that that makes him immortal unlike the rest of the humans like us? The answer is very simple and converse. These are lies and stories that are being created by fellow humans and passed on generation by generation throughout the course of time. All these facts simply show that Santa Claus, in reality, does not exist, and is just a part of our imagination like the fairy tales that we used to hear as a child. There is no more reality to Santa beyond what we have falsely made our minds believe and what we sow as seeds into our children’s brains.

The final and the sealing argument would be that, in fact, each and every adult knows and accepts that Santa does not exist. If any of us thought otherwise, it would not be the parents who put gifts in the chimneys, rather, they would wait for Santa to mysteriously appear and place the gifts. Furthermore, many individuals faced the question that why Santa only puts the gifts for the children and not for any of the adults. The answer is quite simple, if we know that it is parents who put the gifts, why would parents put the gifts for themselves. Putting gifts for one’s own self sounds like the most absurd of the ideas, and that is the sole reason that Santa only brings gifts for young ones, or rather parents only put gifts for their children. This, however, takes us to another argument that why parents need to lie to their children regarding Santa, however, that is a totally different debate, and quite unrelated to the present one. All of us have also been in the excruciating pain when we realize the truth that Santa does not exist and is a mere fragment of our imagination, and that our parents and others lied to us about the existence behind old, fat and jolly person. However, from that moment too, majority of the people pass this propensity for lying and this misleads them like their folks did to them. On the other side, we can prove ourselves to be better parents by not lying from the beginning when they started growing up. The part when juveniles came to know their parents lied about something decreases the reliability and regard of the guardians for their youngsters. The next time they are told something by the parents, they critically evaluate it because then they realize that they have been lied to once and would not want that to happen again. This is also the cause of the harsh and rude behaviour of many teenagers because in teen age children realize the lies that they have listened throughout the course of their lives from their birth. On the converse side, in the event that we say truth to our children and educate them concerning Santa Clause as more of a story or fairy-tale instead of a reality, their trust level on the parents would remain the same and they also would not have to bear the bitter pain of realizing that what they had imagined to be the good was in reality a lie that they learned from their ancestors.

With the consideration of the above-mentioned facts, opinions, and arguments, it seems quite valid that Santa Claus is more of a story that humans have made by adding a piece here and a piece there, rather than being something true. Each parent knows clearly that Santa Claus does not exist, yet they make their children falsely believe in the existence of Santa. Every parent also puts the gifts for their tiny tots, yet they lie to their kids that it was Santa Claus who put the gifts in the chimney. The only questions that remains is why we are following these baseless and untrue practices that we did not like at the point when our folks did likewise with us. Guardians must go for the joy of their kids that lasts longer rather than a happiness that remains for a short time by receiving gifts from fake Santa, which ends when they realize that Santa was nothing more than a lie that is created by parents for their kids. At some point, the lies by parents changes the happiness of children into irritation. Besides, youngsters additionally get further away from reality and they begin believing that if their folks could deceive them once, they could have lied in numerous other circumstances. As a result, they begin assessing whatever their folks have let them know.

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