Does the Death Penalty Deter Crime

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In 2019 capital punishment is still retained, this is an alarming issue which needs to heard about. In 2018 twenty five individuals had been executed in Alabama. . can you visualise being a small crapped, dull room waiting for be executed? There are many countries in this day and age still using this method, countries like the USA, India, China, Nigeria, Indonesia and also many more. The death penalty should not be put in placed as it violates the rights of citizens to live, we all have a right to live and become a better person, having the death penalty put in place is a unjust punishment. We also see a lot of individuals being wrongly accused, what if they are one of the individuals who are put on death row? There are different types of crimes that result in death penalty which includes, murder, genocide, rape, kidnapping and shootings. . These crimes can be punished in a different way which can successfully deterring the crimes committed. A lot of these perpetrators are mentally ill and need to be able to seek help, it is extremely unjust to give them a death penalty punishment, we should consider mental health when it comes to severe crimes like this. Does  the death penalty deter crime?

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Many inhumane methods are being placed for death penalty for example those who are put for death penalty are hanged, this is done in order to kill the accused slowly and a rope is tired to their neck, this is done so they are killed slowly so there is more pain and are killed due to being straggled by the rope, some are stoned to death by the public. This methods shows how inhumane these methods are. Yes some people may deserve hasher sentences than others based on the crime or crimes hey have comimited but death should not be an answer.

We also see a lot of racial bias in the criminal justice system, what if some of these individuals are being put on death row for being a different race, racial bias is a common thing in the criminal justice system which is not spoken about very much. There is a huge risk that an innocent person may face capital punishment, this does not serve justice. We should think to start implementing measures to stop people from committing crimes, and a way to deter them from committing crimes. Those who have committed crimes should be able to impose a rehabilitation programme. If we can put people in prisons, we can also put them in rehab centres in ways to support them and understand what they have done in order for them to rehabilitate. Also putting individuals on death row or prison is not doing much, as statistics shows majority of prisoners or ex prisoners commit several crimes, and are likely to come back to prison, this shows prisoners are not being deterred and we need to take drastic measures to stop from doing so. Excecuting individuals is extremely unjust, they must have a right to life which is one of the basic and top rights of an individual which they uphold. Capital punishment is unjust! The death penalty does not achieve to deter criminals, we should be able to deter criminal as well as give them a second chance statistics show a large scale of individuals in prison who suffer from mental health, we should take these factors into consideration when talking about implementing death penalty as a punishment.

There are several issues within the justice system and one of the major reasons is that it is never 100% correct. Judges and juries can convict innocent individuals, as we know from the case of John Bunn, jailed for more than a decade for a murder he did not commit. This is a case of many cases which involve wrongly accused individuals who spend time behind the bars, over a long period of time, although being innocent, there are many cases like these even now in 2019. Most crimes end up with criminals serving jail time, which is a typical sentence for anyone committing a crime. Sometimes people can be turned out innocent. Because they were only sent to jail and not sentenced to death their sentence can be reversed. The death penalty is irreversible, what if they later find out the individual was innocent, where would the justice be? The jury is also a factor in determining penalty. The death penalty is unjust and morally wrong. When someone murders someone else, the correct punishment is not to murder him or her, but to try and help them, and rehabilitate them, whilst serving a prison sentence. You wouldn’t rape a rapist or steal from a thief. It does not sound right to be murdering a murderer. The death penalty takes away the focus from the victims and focuses the attention on the criminal.

I hope the death penalty is abolished I am strongly against for what it stands for and I am sure many of you agree. The death penalty simply does not deter criminals and it is not effective, also it is something we cannot reverse. There is no justice with the death penalty. We should not be allowing these immoral sentences which include the death penalty. This is an unhuman treatment, we should look at ways to deter the criminals, also taking into account mental health, which many criminals have. Its 2019 and till this day and age the death penalty still exists in many states, where is the humanity? By having the death penalty put in place, this sets an example of saying killing of a human being is okay. We should be using a sensible approach when sentencing criminals. There are many reasons that are being neglected by our justice system, as it does not look at the root causes of crime and deviance. The criminal justice system needs to focus on punishing criminals in a moral and just way as well as rehabilitating those who have committed crimes. The death penalty is outdated and a immoral practice which should be abolished right away.  

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