Does Video Games Cause Violence and Why

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There are many reasons to think that one’s mental health is affected by violent video games, although there isn’t a basis for fact in this regard. The arguments promoting this idea are using pure conjecture, because they don’t have a profile on all of the assailants’ lives. Although many today believe that violent video games have a bad effect on mental health, the majority of statistics and studies say otherwise.So does video games cause violence?

The American Psychology Association (APA) made an article about this conflict. The APA’s article (The resolution on violent video games) states, “There are too many variables in a person’s life to effectively gauge the effect on the subject’s mental health.” While many studies say they’ve successfully proven this theory, the APA seems to think there isn’t any reliable results/studies backing this up. They argue that while studies show that video games make people more aggressive, it makes them more aggressive in small ways like yelling at the game or slamming their controller, not mass shootings. Many against video games believe that they are a “trigger”. US President Donald J. Trump says “We must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes these commonplace grisly and gruesome violent video games.” Well to that some say, why buy your kid the game. The adolescent kids getting these games are having their parents, the adults, buy them these games. The kid is not at fault the adults are. Who makes the games, adults, who sells them, adults, and who buys them, adults. The only part the kids do is play the product from the adults making and buying.

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Next, there is the argument of why do adults, make, sell, and buy the games for kids. These games are made and marketed to adolescent kids. They try to sell them to young kids and get life long customers out of them. But the world has ratings on these games so that only those old enough for said content can access it. So the fault lies again in the adult’s hands. The entire operation is the adults idea, but now they want to blame their creation, and the kids. They blame anything but themselves. ‘I think rap music is brought up, gangster rap in particular, as well as video games, every other thing they try to hang the ills of society on as a scapegoat.’ Ice Cube (Famous Musician). The reality that is inescapable and inevitable is the problem was caused by the people crusading against it. That would be like the people who are against eating animals packing the meat. You don’t support it morally but it supports you financially. Money wise they are covered because kids were given 1 million copies of this game, but when morals are in question, they switch sides. There are many reasons people do this, for the sake of their reputation that others have given them, or how they see themselves. “It’s difficult in this day and age to govern what your child is exposed to, because if your 10-year-old has friends who are playing Fortnite, which is rated 12, you want them to be included in the fun. However, it’s always worth looking into the game to see if it’s suitable rather than leaving them to their own devices. ‘ says Richard Conway founder of

Finally, the facts. In the world people who play video games is at 1.2 Billion. By the opposing sides logic a sixth of the world’s population should be violent, evil, predators. But that’s not the case. The reason they say this is because perpetrators of mass shootings have played these games. But they never confirmed those were the reason for the event. But in any case, how is a person that did something that vile and horrible allowed to decide what we can and can’t do. They shouldn’t be able to, it’s that simple. The decision should be the parents’ not some lunatic’s. Furthermore, the idea that video games are a direct cause of violence is pure conjecture. It is correlation not causation, and there is barely any correlation. There is a paper thin argument for the correlations, they say the killer played video games, he never referenced them as the reason or the cause and they just keep using the software on a console as a scape-goat instead of blaming the real culprit, people. People are not good anymore, you can’t do the things you used to and feel safe, but make no mistake that’s the human’s fault. 70 million people have had some level of trouble with the law in the US. That is one in three adults. ‘They say video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about rock and roll.’ Shigeru Myamoto. Furthermore I’m fairly certain that murder was committed before video games. It didn’t get inspired by video games. Quite the opposite, art imitates life. It could have only been created from something real that has happened, that’s why the violence is horrific. It is because it’s real. It’s about things that happened and could happen. It’s not far fetched it is very realistic and in that world where people can’t discern the difference between the software on a game and real world, that world is one that will crumble in disarray. ‘To make an embarrassing admission, I like video games. That’s what got me into software engineering when I was a kid. I wanted to make money so I could buy a better computer to play better video games – nothing like saving the world.’ Elon Musk.

The opposition makes some points even if they aren’t as strong. They have shown increased aggression with kids that play video games. While they haven’t gauged every part of the child’s life the results could potentially be accurate. The video games also do desensitize kids to the violence of the real world, and the consequences of said violence. Hence why a lot of it is blown off and dismissed. The violence is glorified and idolized. Kid’s begin to like it, and enjoy the destruction. The difference is whether they can discern the difference between said video games and real life.

In conclusion, the evidence will show that video games are a scapegoat, and nothing more than a distraction from the whole picture. Video games are a man made software, so like these events someone is at fault, a human being, not a piece of code. The problems of man are always blamed on things long since proven to not affect anyone, just a scapegoat of our society. 

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