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How would you react when you see a homless man on the street? Then your parent tell you to study hard to avoid having the same fate as those you pitty. But is it really their faults that they ended up in the state that they are in now or is it the politician that promised to help and to make our lives even better compared to now? I walk to school and continue with my day like any other but I take the time to notice all the people in the streets,all the people who failed to get a high education.

The very same people who were one of the lot who were lied to by the people that we expected to help us. when I enter in the front gates of my school I should feel blessed yet I feel like it’s a punishment,why? I enter our classroom with a grim look on my face,remebring the words said to me by my paent the very same words that drive me to do well in school,the very same words that i lothe with all my existance,”do well in school and have a wonderful and succesful lifeand avoid poverty”. If that was said to the people that were in the streets aswell would they be their? Or should we say to the politicians to actualy do their job? I belive that to achieve a better world or to achieve a world where equality is the main priority we must first commit to equity. to achieve this we must give to those who are lacking,to those who need an education. To grow into a person willing to to help others to achieve the same goal. Don’t you get it?

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The reason why those words were said to you is not becaus of your own succes it is for the succes of our world. and if the government gave the people who lack education what they lack,they will be one of the reasons why this world will have a community that does not lack equality. The school is only focusing on the students that did a outstanding job in doing what is said but they already have enough attention and education needed instead of doing that why dont’t they focus on the students who lack a certain thing that is important in having a wonderful and succesful life?

We must heve equity in knowledge and education to have equality in the world and to have a world better than the one we lived in before. We would have the knowledge and disipline to not cut the trees,not to throw trash anywhere we want,not to use plastics,and most importantly not to kill moher nature.


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