Dog is a Man’s Best Friend

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The companionship between a dog and its owner is unimaginable; A bond so strong and remarkable that will never be broken. That is why a dog is called a man’s best friend. In my personal experience, this was proven by my tail-wagging, hundred pound bundle of joy, Harley the bulldog.

I woke up Saturday morning very eager. It was finally the day that I pick out my puppy. I had a six hour ride ahead of me, but it will all be worth it when I get to take her home. The ride was very fascinating West Virginia had many mountains and bright beautiful trees everywhere. I remember feeling all the butterflies in my stomach when arriving at the dog breeder’s home. I had never seen dogs so massive in size. They were all heavily built, with bright eyes and smooth glowing coats. Walking up to the puppy pens with great anticipation. I finally seen her. She was a small, all white puppy. She was very excited to see me and my family. I picked her up and ever since that day, me and Harley have been inseparable.

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Harley has grown up so much over the years. She went from being a tiny little bright eyed puppy with all white fur. To becoming a beautiful, one hundred pound dog with black spots all over. She also has a head the size of a volleyball and paws the size of a tennis ball. She may be big and muscular, but she is just a big baby with a soft heart. She is not just all looks though, she also has the kindest heart and is very intelligent. She has learned a lot of things from me, such as catching the frisbee, fetching, giving me a paw. I could play frisbee with Harley for hours. I just love seeing how it makes her tail wag swiftly and how bright her eyes get when I am about to throw it. Going for car rides with the windows down would be her favorite thing to do. It fills me up with joy when I see how excited she is. I love seeing her floppy ears, droopy lips flapping in the wind. Protective is another word to describe Harley. I always feel secured when around her, as if I have my own personal security guard. Barking every time a strange person comes close because she is on the lookout to protect me. Even if that means sleeping with one ear straight up in the air she is committed to keeping me safe.

Sometimes I feel as if I do not deserve something as magnificent and devoted as Harley. I feel like dogs are a gift sent from god. They are truly a blessing to say the least. To me Harley is not just a pet, but a part of the family. When we give love freely to dogs, we receive their love and affection in return. Dog’s can truly be a man’s best friend, and we should be grateful to be theirs as well. For that reason I will forever love my one hundred pound, floppy eared, wagging tail bundle of joy Harley.

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