Doing Good Things: How to Help Homeless


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There are about ‘554,000 homeless people in the United States( Haskins, Chapter 6). As a student in the health science pathway, I see many homeless people in the streets and I find this heartbreaking. They have no access to medical attention which is important to have a healthy lifestyle. Their illnesses go untreated and progress to getting worse which can lead to their death. My solution to this problem is creating mobile clinics, which makes it easier for homeless people to get the medical help they need. It’s truly important to help these people and get them out the streets and get them somewhere they feel safe.

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Homeless people are seen almost everywhere but most of the time we turn away and pretend we don’t see them. We should put more awareness to this problem and actually do something about it. Many are sick and don’t have anyone that can help them we don’t realize this most of the time. They have some serious medical health issues ‘Common problems include anemia, dental problems, gastric ulcers, other gastrointestinal complaints, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, acute and chronic infectious diseases, diabetes, and malnutrition.’(Vickery, Chapter 10)Some may think that they want this lifestyle but who would like to be homeless? No one. What brought my attention to this problem is that there are more and more homeless people in the streets.

My solution to this problem that has been brought to my attention is to make a program where we can bring help to the homeless people instead of them coming to us. What I mean by that is to create mobile medical facilities. In those facilities, we would offer medical screenings, hot meals, shelter, phycological help, and counseling. We can gather volunteers to make and give out the meals in their community. It can be a life-changing experience for both the volunteers and the homeless people. This program should be an open door to any homeless person no exclusions to anyone. While in some other programs it’s difficult to get in or is hard to access this program makes things easier and better for them. We need to see the needs of each individual so we can give the best to them. I believe this program will resolve the problem by helping homeless people find shelter and help to treat their health conditions. Not only that but it may help them reach stability in their life and make them believe they’re not alone. This program wouldn’t affect anybody negatively but it will positively affect them. ‘These include prevention of homelessness through improving the housing stock; improving outreach through increased soup kitchens, emergency responses, and night shelters; and creating supportive housing to help homeless persons reintegrate into society’(Vickery Chapter 25).It can bring people together for a good cause and make one a better person in their community. It will also bring awareness to this major problem that is worldwide. ‘Homelessness is not just detrimental to the health and wellness of individuals, but also to communities as a whole that must invest significant time, money and resources into keeping its most vulnerable residents safe.’(Haskins, Chapter 21)

Some of the skills that I have acquired in my pathway have been basic medical procedures to perform and companionship towards patients. For example, vital signs like blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. The result of them can mean a lot towards your health. These skills can come in handy when helping those in need as a health science student I look out for others in time of need. Also, as a health student, I have learned many skills that we need to use for an effective result for our patients. The outcome is extremely vital to the patient’s health. We need to show compassion and understanding of the patient’s situation. We should always try to be in their shoes and think about what they could be going through. As human beings and health workers, it’s essential to one’s career. It builds you up as a person and a healthcare worker it shows compassion and empathy toward others that what it takes to be a health professional.

In conclusion, if everyone in our community would pitch in every once in a while even something small like can foods, blankets, and clothing can make a difference. Volunteers can always come and help the community in our mobile facilities to help those in need. This program would be helpful because it would bring people in our community to help others and at the same time it can be an eye-opening experience to see what other people go through. This can potentially lead to fewer homeless people in need of medical attention. This mobile facility can be successful with the help of our community and it can change the future. 

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