Don't Stop Until It Hurts: Pros and Cons of Physical Exercise

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The effects of exercising can be both positive and negative. Exercising can help people stay healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you don’t exercise you can become overweight, depressed, and it can make you mentally dysfunctional. When you don’t exercise you can have all kinds of health problems mentally, physically, and emotionally.

The physical effects can be painful, but in the end the results are worth it. Exercise is to keep the human body healthy for all ages. If someone had a back injury or a broken leg it is more painful to exercise. If they overdo it they can hurt themselves. They need to start slowly for the first few days, weeks, months, and or years. As they say no pain no gain which means even though, it may be painful it still has to be done. Even women during pregnancy and after they have given birth still need to exercise to keep in shape and stay healthy. Women who exercise before and after childbirth experience a lot less pain than women who don’t exercise. Even people who have major injuries, that exercise, have less pain in the long run than people who don’t exercise. Exercise is very important it’s a natural and important part of living.

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Exercise can also benefit the mind and your mood. When people sit around and do nothing for hours on end it can get very depressing. People who exercise are much more happy because certain chemicals are released from the brain to give the induvial a more happy and positive outlook on things. People who go biking, hiking, running, or swimming are more lively and happier. People who do not go outside and exercise are more likely to commit self-harm and are more likely to hurt themselves and others. People who live in very cold and dark places have to find a way to exercise inside. They need to go walk around the mall, the store, go to the gym, and even work out at home.

Exercising is also positive in relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. When a family goes camping, swimming, walking in the park, hiking rather than sitting around the TV they are usually happier. If friends went out to a club to go dancing they’d be enjoying their time together and exercising instead of getting takeout food and sitting at a friend’s house. If you went for a run or a walk in the park with your lover you both would be enjoying each other more compared to just sitting at home doing nothing. These are the effects of excise and what it can do for you and people around you. If friends and family were to tell a person to exercise that can be taken negatively or positively, if the person is offended by the influence or being told they are overweight and need to lose weight that is not the best approach. Now if the person were to say “you can be so much healthier and happier if you got some weight off.” That is a better way to convince the person to exercise that would have a more positive result.

Exercising is very important in everyday living because it’s what keeps us heathy and alive. If people aren’t in motion and we just sit or lay down all the time we become very over weight and we have all kinds of health problems. When I get a little over weight I feel pain all the way from my head to my feet and it’s not fun. Sometimes I would walk down the stairs struggling with the worst pain I could ever have. I would be limping down the stairs trying not to fall. I would honestly say going to the gym and working out when you’re over weight is good for you, but don’t start off with an hour long aerobics class. Start off with going to the gym for thirty minutes for about three weeks. Then work your way up to an hour for another three weeks. Then an hour and thirty minutes. Once the body has had some time to get used to exercising you can go and work out with little to zero discomfort and pain. You can really hurt yourself if you overdo it when you start exercising.

The effects of exercising can be both positive and negative. It takes time and constant moving to get the weight off and keep it off, but don’t stop when you get the weight off keep going to keep it off. Exercise is the answer for a healthier life, but with moderation or you can really hurt yourself.

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