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Don't Try to Fulfill Everyone’s Expectations

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In our life, we tend to live with expectations. We usually succumb to the pressure and it breaks us down that causes overthinking and depression. As we throw our expectations to others, we give them a way to our perspective on things and we set a standard that we try to see the best in people, to give them the opportunity to do what they say and what they are going to do.

My living philosophy is, “Don’t try to fulfill everyone’s expectations.” Our life doesn’t depend on how people set their expectations to us. We didn’t live here in this world just to fulfill their expectations and prove to them who we are. We are not lived to please them and to listen on their opinions that would distract us from our path.

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As I grow older, I realized that we need to overlook the judgements and expectations that other people see in us. The only person that you should try to overcome is none other than yourself, strive to be better than who you were in the past. There is always room for improvement, so you need to establish yourself within yourself not by people’s approval. Because the more you establish yourself to others is just like attempting to glass the water in your grasp. The more you prove yourself to other people, to theirs wants, to their needs, to their requests is that the more you disregard your own. You obstruct yourself from taking new things from enabling yourself to new perspective, experiences and growth. You just stay in your comfort zone and you’re not able to explore freely on your own because you’re too clouded up with the thought of other people thinking that you will fail, or you will disappoint them. The right people will support you and love you for what you do, and they can appreciate all the things that people find wrong in you even though it’s the right decision for you. It’s okay to be free in your thoughts and opinions because this will lead to greater lessons and from time to time you also need to listen to the right type of person but when someone dictates on what you should do, you will just rely on them and continue to lose your perspectives in life and you will soon realize that your precious time has been wasted.

We begin living our lives by other individuals’ desires. When we overcome this problem and start living life based on our own expectations and perspective, we learn, grow, and eventually live our life. The sooner that we figure out our purpose in life, the sooner we can get a hold of our own motivations, and we can accomplish our plans and live the rest of our lives happily. We have to accomplish something other than survive, we must flourish in this life: to develop, to appreciate, to create, to share, and to love. These are all simple things, and their full potential lies within each of us as an individual in choosing which of it to prioritize.

The best reason I can think of to not attempt to live up to everyone else’s expectations is: Be able to be comfortably walk in my own shoes, and not feeling the need to have a facade. This is called freedom and honesty. Either way, it feels better than any alternative. In the end you don’t need to change so that people will like you, just be patient in being yourself and soon you will meet the right people that doesn’t complain in being who you are.


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