Dr. Jose Rizal - A Hero Of The Spanish Colonization

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A hero is someone who shows great courage amidst conflicts. He is someone who is willing to lend a hand when others are in need. A hero is always there to give his fellow the strength to face life’s difficulties. He is someone who can give up his everything for other people’s sake. Heroes arise in moments when we think hope is lost. In movies and comics, heroes wear capes and flashy costumes. But during the Spanish colonization, there rose a hero who wore an old suit with a hair swept in a neat manner. His name is Dr. Jose Rizal. Instead of holding a sword, he used his pen to fight for our freedom. The first and second chapters are all about Rizal’s family and childhood.

Reading these chapters, I got to know Rizal better. He was born on June 19, 1861 in Calamba, Laguna. Throughout his childhood years, he lived a simple yet happy life. He had great parents, namely Don Francisco Mercado and Doña Teodora Alonzo Realonda. They gave everything to Rizal and his siblings. His mother never failed to educate them. She was the first teacher of Rizal. During those times, the Spaniards ruled the Philippines. It was a hard time for Filipinos. But inspite of everything, Rizal’s parents managed to keep their family intact. They taught their children the values on how to be good people.

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Rizal’s childhood was a very happy and memorable one. Rizal remembered many happy things when he was still a young boy. When reading the chapter, we can really say that Rizal and his siblings were greatly taken care of by their parents. Don Francisco and Doña Teodora also never failed to introduce their children to God. They see to it that their children know how to pray and how to praise the Lord. It is one of the many things that I admire in Rizal’s family. Even though it was a very hard time for them because of the Spaniards, they still manage to be happy and they never forgot to thank the One up above. If their hardships happened to other people, then those people would surely lose faith in God. But for Rizal’s family, those hardships made their faith stronger. It is also during this chapter that I got to know how talented Rizal really is. At such a young age, he was able to read the Spanish family Bible, he can carve, and he can write poems. I am really impressed. I was more impressed when he wrote the poem entitled “Sa Aking mga Kababata.” How can someone have so much love for his country at such a young age? Well, Rizal is really extraordinary.

Throughout theChapter 1 and 2, Rizal had taught me the value of faith, family, and patriotism. I realized that it is in our family where we can get our stregth. We should always listen to our parents because they are only doing what they think is the best for us. I also learned that we can help our country in our simple ways. As citizens of the Philippines, it is our duty to protect and cherish our motherland. Lastly, no matter what happens and no matter what trials we may encounter, there is a God who would never leave us. We just need to have faith and let God be the pilot of our life.


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