Dramatic Irony Throught the Romeo and Juliet Love Story

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Example of foreshadowing in Act V is actually right at the beginning. Romeo says that he had a dream where Juliet found him dead, and kissed him to wake him up. In the dream, he woke up, but in the real story he believes that he found her dead, so he drinks poison to be with her. Juliet wakes up from her spell and kisses Romeo to try to wake him up, but Romeo is already dead. Then, Juliet kills herself with a dagger.

Paris took the time to create a relationship with Juliet’s father before formally requesting her hand in marriage. He shows that he is determined to marry Juliet by being persistent with her and her father. Another example of how Paris is a good man is that when he found out Juliet was dead, he went to go visit her tomb. He even went to go put some flowers there.

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One example of dramatic irony in Act V of Romeo and Juliet is right after the first scene. Romeo talks about how he feels that he is going to be getting good news soon, and right as he says this Balthazar comes in bearing the news of Juliet’s “death”. Another major example of dramatic irony is when Romeo commits suicide. The reason I chose this example is because we know that Juliet is not actually dead, but Romeo doesn’t. They were going to end up together finally in this scene, but Romeo couldn’t imagine a life without Juliet. He killed himself so that he could be with her, but then she woke up, soon after killing herself with a dagger. Another example of dramatic irony in Romeo and Juliet is scene iii of act v. Friar says Romeo is going to be mad that he didn’t tell Romeo Juliet is actually dead. I think that it’s foreshadowing because as we know, Romeo won’t be alive long enough to “be mad” at Friar.

In this act, the Prince gathers all the people who were close to the three who died. He asked Friar, Page, and Balthazar for their sides of the story. Friar explained what he and Juliet had talked about, like how she got the sleeping potion and the letter he tried to send to Romeo that ended up not getting to him. Page explained how Paris was going to see Juliet and he never ended up meeting back up with Paris. Balthazar explained how he told Romeo what had happened to Juliet which made Romeo very upset. All of these stories being told one after another helped everyone at the scene put together the whole story. Lining up everything that happened showed why everyone did what they did, and it all made sense in the end.

The purpose of the quote above is that some people can be forgiven for their actions, but some people have to suffer the consequences. For example, people like Friar and the Nurse would be pardoned because they tried their best to help the couple with what they needed. People like the parents of the two main characters would be punished, specifically Juliet’s parents. They didn’t bother to consider how Juliet felt and decided to be selfish. I think that Shakespeare decided to end the story with this quote because of the significance it has. There were a lot of disagreements between people, but at the end of the story you learn that none of the drama was actually worth it.

I agree with the theme “Love Conquers All”, but I think that the love Romeo and Juliet had for each other wasn’t genuine or healthy. For example, Romeo claimed to have an undying love for Rosaline but upon just seeing Juliet he threw those feelings away and “fell in love” with Juliet. Another example of what I’m trying to get at is that Juliet decided to marry Romeo after their (MAYBE) THIRD conversation. I think that’s a little too early to decide whether you’re in love with somebody, especially enough to marry them. Again, the pair was ready to die for each other, and Romeo did end up killing herself for him in the end. I believe they had the right intentions, but I don’t think that they were thinking logically when weighing their options/trying to create a relationship. 

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