Dramatic Love Story of Romeo and Juliet

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Everyone will have to go through a horrible time when they are in pain, however, your ability to keep fighting is the most important part of going through tough times. Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare. It is about two families who have an ancient grudge with each other. However, if you dive deeper you understand this is a love story gone wrong as the two lovers kill themselves. Throughout the play, you realize the words written by Eric Greitens, in Resilience, would've been very useful to Romeo. First Romeo would rather have been killed and banished, but if he listened to Eric Greitens' words this could change his mind which would've what to perseverance. Second, if he heard Greitens words, he wouldn't thank you life is ruined which would've led to resilience. 

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Finally, if Romeo heard his words, he could've started a new life with new people which shows acceptance. Romeo needs to hear the words of and it would also help him move forward with a sense of purpose because he knows that I know matter what is happening in life the bad will always end and the goodwill always begin.

Imagine meeting a stranger and in less than 5 minutes saying ‘I love you’ days and in less than 5 days marrying this person. This is how easily Romeo was able to fall in love with Juliet and just from that, you can tell that Romeo can be very impulsive and dramatic. When Romeo is told he was banished from Verona you would be able to tell how dramatic Romeo would be as he said I'd rather be killed than banished, this was because he would be separated from his lover, Juliet. “Ha, banishment? Be merciful, say ‘death’: for exile hath more terror in his look, much more than death”. Romeo says this when he finds out he had been banished from Verona. If he were to hear the words of Eric Greitens, Romeo might have wanted to persevere and try to find a way to see his lover, Juliet. However, Romeo ends up having a breakdown and both the Nurse and Friar Lawrence have to try to get Romeo back onto his feet. Romeo showed no perseverance because he didn’t want to show any as he thought his life was over and no one was there to tell him to try and persevere through this mental struggle.

If you have ever done something horrible or failed the test, every time you say “my parents are going to kill me” or “my life is over”. When Romeo finds out that he's been banished he thinks it is the end that he is no point living and that his life is meaningless without Juliet. “Where’s my lady’s lord? Where’s Romeo?.” “They're on the ground, with his own tears made drunk” . Romeo believes that there is no point in trying to live his life to the fullest so he decides to sob in the corner of the room. If Romeo would've heard the words of Eric Greitens in this situation, he could have been resilient and still have found a way to live his life to the fullest and love Juliet for the rest of his life. Eric Greitens words would’ve been useful to Romeo because had no one to guide him and show him how to continue to live his life as if he weren’t banished. This figure does not exist for Romeo and this creates a large issue as he doesn’t know how to handle many situations, such as this one. 

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