Drawbacks and Benefits of the Drawbridge

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The Drawbridge has held many impacted the world in numerous ways all throughout history. The drawbridge can is usually implemented on bodies of water and can provide a spawning location for the local marine life. The bridge’s structure changes the flow of water into a direct current and can provide a great spawning location. There aren't many positive environmental impacts, but drawbridges allow for a bridge that has minimal impact on bodies of water. Drawbridges are the least interfering bridges over bodies of water as the current is only sped up through and around compared to larger suspensions. Drawbridges tend to be smaller than the average bridge as it is very costly the bigger it gets as they have to lift the leaf, so the negative impacts are greatly reduced.

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Unfortunately the drawbridge is not a perfect structure as it does use a lot of resources and time to create. Depending on the material a drawbridge can use more than eighty tons. Drawbridges found outside of port city are usually made from concrete and steel which averages around eighty tons of material which has to be extracted from the earth and processed, which promotes air pollution. Another negative impact would be the loss of natural habitats, while bridges can create spawning or nesting locations that occurs after a habitat is destroyed. There is a period where the life surrounding become stressed over the loss of their home and either must migrate out or die. Regardless of the benefits it may provide the drawbridge still changes the natural flow of things especially when involving the flow of water (depends on design of bridge). While it only takes a short period the surrounding environment must adjust to the new changes made.

With drawbridges comes an increased flow of traffic, increasing the air pollution from emissions. Any increase in automobile or boat traffic will bring pollution whether it be waste or air. The waste that accumulates over time will eventually cause a hazard for the wild and marine life in the surrounding areas, plastic mesh or simple waste can harm and trap the inhabitants of the local environment. The drawbridge in society has had different impacts throughout time. Before the drawbridge would be used for security and defense while in modern days they are used for convenience and ease of travel. The main purpose of a drawbridge in modern society is to allow both automobiles and boats to cross a waterway. A major issue society has these days is while minor, the wait for a drawbridge can be quite tedious especially in a rush. The efficiency of society can arguably considered slowed as the actual movement (not economics) at which people travel throughout the country.

The drawbridge provides great economic benefits as they allow for ships carrying cargo or any cargo ship to save time going through rather than around without causing a major inconvenience to daily commuters. The increase in frequency of cargo ships or normal boats means increase circulation of currency which provides a major boosts, going through is always faster than around. The bridge making process itself especially helps the economy as it requires all steps of the industry, the large amounts of materials requires is very costly and requires all divisions of labor. Of course more labor means a better economy the taxes placed on paychecks and consumer rate goes up as employment does. The creation of a bridge depending on location and size can result in a huge government project. Engineers, construction workers, overseers, and tens more different jobs specialties must be used to create a drawbridge.

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