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Dreams and Illusions in Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky

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The story is stared of the old and new changes of the troupe. The old-collar dance Beth is about to leave. The stage needs a new lead dance that can be decorated with two horns – white swan and black swan to perform the ballet ‘Swan Lake’. Nina, who was also a ballet dancer who had abandoned her dance career due to an unplanned pregnancy, was strict in discipline and danced, but she was able to win the coveted role of the dance. However, she was considered by the director Thomas to have no black swan during the selection. The charm of the same.

After she lost, she returned home to make a circle of rotation, practice in a small room, and try to make herself perfect. She also tried to communicate with the director and hoped to let him know what he was doing, but she didn’t get the satisfactory answer and the kind of encouraging smile that the mother used to comfort her, in exchange for a seemingly rude kiss. Just as everything seemed to change her destiny to be eliminated, on the final list, Nina’s name appeared in the lead position.
In the next rehearsal, Nina was repeatedly asked to release herself in the performance to conquer the audience in the black swan performance. At the same time, she also deeply felt the strong coercion that she was worried about being replaced by others around her. She tried to constantly adjust her mood to make the performance perfect, but she couldn’t control the fact that the black swan was hard to suppress in her heart for a long time. The wings of the wing break the skin, showing the edge.

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Finally, in the final performance, everything was released. Nina saw in her own bloody abdomen the threat of being replaced instead of the illusion in her own mirror. The previous fears came from my heart, and at that moment The white swan dared to pick up the lens and face the black swan. It already has black swan-like power and rebellious courage. As in the dance drama, the timid white swan is only from the black swan after the suicide. Get real freedom in the field.

The role of dreams in psychoanalytic theory plays an important role. Freud believes that ‘dreams are the satisfaction of desires’, and the trivial fragments that appear in dreams are usually the representations of condensation, transfer and secondary processing that are forgotten or neglected in our usual life, that is, many subconscious The information is more likely to emerge in a dream.

The film explores layers of consciousness and subconsciousness, with a clear structure and obvious veins. The subconscious mind is motivated and strengthened until it blends with consciousness, from real sleep to half-dream, to daydream, from unconsciousness in the subconscious. Weak voices, continuous escalation of interdependence, and integration of integration.

The opening of the film is based on Nina’s dream scene, which is the first of many dreams. On the dark stage, a pale white light hit Nina in a white ballet skirt, and a black man appeared behind her, turning into a demon and magic to the princess to turn it into a swan. Obviously, the dream seems to express straightforwardly that Nina has always been expected to become a strong desire to comprehend the ‘Swan Lake’. This strong desire even appears in her dreams without modification, which shows that she is now The simplicity of the wish is nothing hidden. This desire may be rooted in her heart very early, from the mother’s teaching or her own simple desire.

But the deeper meaning of this dream is that Nina herself may not have realized it at the time. She has unwittingly opened Pandora’s box, a revolution, a new life has actually appeared in her subconscious. As she woke up and described: it is not the same as what I saw before. In the mother’s distorted discipline, Nina is still called a little princess even though she is an adult. She is surrounded by plush toys and pink butterfly wallpaper, lace pajamas, and bedside that will always play ‘Swan Lake’. Music box. On weekdays, she is also convinced that she is a little princess. This kind of conviction is derived from a kind of unintelligible but has been arranged by the mother, as a ballerina, lead dance, performance ‘Swan Lake’… If the mother In her heart, the image is still a target imitation, and the power of imitation is like a curse, trapping her any side. It can be expected that the mother is a retired ballet dancer who may be pregnant unexpectedly before she becomes a lead dancer. The mother naturally transfers this kind of pursuit of success and her regrets to her daughter, looking at the woman into a phoenix, and all life is cultivated. The daughter became the center of the lead dance that she missed in the past. In such a single-parent family, how could she open her heart and make her own choice? From the small room and the messy furnishings, the mother did not care about the enjoyment of life, and even he was immersed in the remorse for the young, ignorant and ignorant. Her only hope is that her daughter can realize her dreams, so no matter how crowded, she has to create a space for rehearsals that can be placed in the mirror. So understanding the first dream may be more appropriate. It is the part of Nina’s growth that looks forward to some kind of new life, but it is suppressed by the mother’s long-term strength in consciousness, and it is only released in the dream, and there is ‘and the previous a different feeling.

Then there is more illusion of dreams and dreams. The freedom between daydreams and dreams blurs the boundaries between the protagonist’s strong consciousness and the subconscious. Finally, after trying Lily’s pills, Nina appears serious. The illusion, until the next day is still unclear is that the dream is awake, it is also true. We can think of this as the second obvious dream. From the beginning of the illusion, that she left the bar alone, she thought it was with Lily, to the fantasy/dream of love with Lily, and finally ended up in the morning. Afterwards, Lily about the different versions of the previous night, let Nina realize that the black swan in her heart is the first complete comparison with the timid one, although this is Nina still can’t tell the truth. Lily and her inner black swan are not the same, but let her first experience the darkness of her heart. I have never said to my mother who is the mother of the mother who is the only one who is obedient, and who is arrogant, and who is sympathetic with a stranger. When she returns home, she not only does not realize that she has done it, but has even worsened her outbreak, colliding with her mother, and even ignoring her death. The mother’s hand is caught by death. Then her long-repressed soul, which belongs to the black swan, is released more and appears in the image of Lily, which is based on the modification and re-processing of her previous psychological experience of multiple masturbation. The purely sensual experience has completely opened up the strong love that is in the heart of Nina. This kind of love does not come from the pure spiritual comfort of the mother’s care, but the lust of the hand. Such a fantasy/dream refraction reflects the black swan in Nina’s heart that has grown up, and the eagerly-like black tattoo on the shoulders of Lily’s shoulders has to open its wings and separate from her once immature body. In the fantasy, Lily and Nina’s cloud rains reflect that Nina’s inner struggles are actually so dependent on each other. Interestingly, the next day when Nina saw the real Lily, the feelings in her heart were so complicated. She complained that Lily didn’t wake her up in the morning, but she was a little bit blaming but she was like a spoiled voice. She was accepting This kind of unification is actually somewhat dependent.

After this fantasy/dream, almost all dreams became daydreams. Nina can easily see the appearance of illusions without the protection of sleep. Lily and the director are in the background, the feathers on their backs and Like a swan-like broken leg, the dressing room wants to replace her black swan and the death of the black swan she thought… The black swan in Nina’s heart finally strengthened to appear in her real life in the form of consciousness. Confused with her normal thinking, so there was a fierce scene in the dressing room, the white swan picked up the broken lens and stabbed the black swan. The white swan is not the former white swan. Just as she picks up the lens, she is brave and even reckless to maintain her position. The white swan is already the blood of the black swan that is against the charm and evil. Before this scene was very interesting, Nina made a major mistake. If it was the princess of the white swan, she would have blamed herself for being careless, but Nina that day shouted that it was the fault of others.

The black and white swan is here, and the two are one.


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