Dreams Are Wishes that Your Heart Makes

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Dreams Are Wishes That Your Heart Makes

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Wishes Come True Through Dreams
  • Defining My Goals and Wishes Through My Dreams
  • Losing Fulfillment Withiout Dreams and Wishes
  • Conclusion
  • Works Cited


Ever since I was little, I always dreamed of becoming a doctor. I dressed up in my mother’s sky-blue nurse scrubs and put on her pink stethoscope to check my older brother’s heartbeat and lung sounds. I ran around the house imagining that I was in an emergency room full of sick and dying patients needing to go into surgery. I pictured myself running the world’s greatest hospital and diagnosing every kind of illness ever exposed to the world. Dreams are a powerful source that comes from within our heart. In fact, Sigmund Freud created the theory that says dreaming allows us to sort through unresolved, repressed wishes.

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Wishes Come True Through Dreams

My dreams give me a sense of hope in fulfilling my aspirations, a yearning to encourage others to dream and fulfill those dreams, and a meaning to live my life the way I choose to. The word dream is unbounded in making my life hopeful every day. My dreams are very powerful desires that lie deep within my pure heart. I picture my dreams like they are the brightest, shiny and twinkling stars across the dark sky. I know I can never meet the stars or actually feel them, but I still believe that one day I will reach them. I find happiness by accomplishing the goals that I set for myself, also while realizing the dreams that I’m holding in my heart. My dream is to become an anesthesiologist. They help people ranging in all ages. Anesthesiologist anesthetize patients for all different kinds of surgery. I want to help as many people as I possibly can. Knowing that one day I can help hundreds of people makes me want to try my best at everything that I do. My dreams make me who I am today.

Defining My Goals and Wishes Through My Dreams

They define my goals and my limits. My dreams sometimes urge me to drive past my limits in hopes of accomplishing something worth finishing. Right now, my dreams are pushing me to become more of a people person. I have never been the type to talk to strangers or engage in a conversation that I was not comfortable in. My dreams are helping me become the person that I know I will need to be in order to accomplish my dreams. I know the journey will be very rigorous, but in order to achieve my goals and aspirations I need to focus on my dreams and reach for the sky. I also have to keep in mind that greatness is not achieved without failure and disappointments. As I dream, it helps me follow the pathway of my own mind. It makes me learn the way I think and how I look at my life. My dreams can be my best friend at times. They motivate me to become a better and inspiring person than I am today. Every person has a dream of their own, in which they think will come true someday and make their life spectacular. If everyone has their own dream, then there would be so many people who are motivated in changing their life to become the best person that they could be. A dream may seem as if it is insignificant, but there have dreams have been known to do many things from changing the life of one person to changing the entire world. Dreaming is like climbing a mountain. On the way the mountain some people may want to give up, but once they reach the top of the mountain it’ll be one of the best triumphs anyone could ever imagine. Just the view from the mountain top, alone, is speechless. It goes the same way for dreams. The journey there will be very difficult, but once we reach the top we will see how much it was worth it in the end.

Losing Fulfillment Withiout Dreams and Wishes

Without dreams, you will lose interest in life and will be bored and tired of the same repetitive routines of your daily life. This could lead to a very unhealthy and depressed life. No one should want to live that way. I know that if I couldn’t follow my dreams I would be Infuriated with myself. I would try everything in my power to make sure that there would be some possible way that I could change the way I lived. There are thousands of people who live a regretful life because they did not follow their dreams. That’s the kind of life that I do not want to live. I want to live an extravagant life, and encourage others to follow their dreams. Becoming a doctor is a very difficult task. Just the schooling alone is very intense, especially all the different subjects and terminology I have to memorize. I know once I get done with all of my schooling, I will look back on my schooling I will appreciate everything that I had to encounter while I was there. I believe that everyone should dream big and constantly chase that dream throughout life even if someone says that there is no chance at getting past the front door. Dreams are a necessary essential to life. Without dreams, there will be no ambition to chase the life that we long for. There will be no goal to reach. Not having a dream is like following a nonexistent shadow. It is a vile goose chase. We must know what we want to do and follow that powerful ambition. We can’t succeed in anything in life without a purpose, and for this purpose, we need to dream.

My dreams help me to get an attitude of doing better and constantly trying to improve myself every chance that I get. Consistent improvement is very important. We have got to stretch and reach for our goals. My dreams are the fuel that will keep energizing myself to go further. Only with dreams, will I find a purpose to live my life. I will start working hard towards my dream and will never lose interest in life. I will never tire and I will always be motivated. This is the best way to become successful. If I didn’t have a dream, I would never be able enjoy the luxuries of life or all that life has to offer. I will never feel that ecstatic feeling of achievement and I will never take pride in what I do and what I have achieved. Many people have dreams, but only some will some people actually take action and work for it. It is essential to work hard for my dreams. Without this hard work, a dream will only remain a desire in my subconscious mind and will never be achieved. Even if there are a handful of draining obstacles in life, I have to keep moving and try to achieve my dreams. Trying to reach my goals will enhance my personality and my progression in my daily life. Constant and continual improvement is very crucial in succeeding in life. Steady progression will help slowly achieve a big goal. It helps me to learn from my mistakes. So, this quality is very important. But with dreams, comes great responsibility


. It is just not enough to just dream and then forget about that dream. I have to put in work in order to fulfill my dream. I cannot get far in life without putting in hard work. Dreams are desires that we everyone will or has experienced in their lives. They not only give us hope, but inspiration and a meaning to life as well. Dreaming is essential to everyone and having dreams is essential to anyone’s life because it is where motivation and desire comes from. Dreams also help in aiming for bigger goals. Dreaming for my own personal goals are very important and they can even be dreams that change the direction of my entire life. They can and will affect my actions and how I live my daily life. Dreaming helps you have an attitude of doing better or constant improvement. Only with dreams, will I find a purpose to live my life. I will never get tired and will always be motivated to live the life that I have always wanted to live. My dreams give me courage within myself and has made me determined to become a better me. I must remember that hard work pays off, so while this journey is tough I need to always be motivated with my dreams and make the most out of every situation. I need to be courageous, open-mined, determined, and wise. It takes a strong and willing person to achieve their dreams and aspirations. This is why giving up is not an option for me. Times may get hard, but they are not impossible. There will be major and minor setbacks, failures, and rejections along the way but sticking to my dream will prepare me to be emotionally and mentally ready for future failures. Everyone deserves to be successful in life. No matter how big or small the dream is, always go for fulfilling that dream.

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