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My name is Asma Hashmi and I am going to be a grade 12 student at Calgary Islamic School. I am writing to you to discuss the matter of whether to have a school uniform or not. I will be avocating on the side of having a school dress code. Dress codes are things that should be reserved for private schools. They take away from the individuality of the students and freedom of expression. It also creates an environment of high stress and conformity, as well as causing the students to buy new clothes to fit into the dress code that they might not be able to afford.

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A dress code for high school is a bad idea. Students like to dress in ways that express who they are. Some dresses in fashion that are considered cool or others like, represent their culture in what they wear. With the implementation of dress code the freedom of expression would be removed from the students. Only a small percentage of students actually dress in what is considered as “crude or vulgar” dress wear. You should not take the actions of a few and punish everyone. That is discrimination. If you only punish the people who are going overboard in what they wear in trying to either show too much skin or vulgar and profane things then punish them. Let everyone else dress like regular people and express who they are through what they wear.

Although bringing in a dress code seems like a good idea it can cause many issues. Not all students and their families have extra cash to burn. Some families are already very stressed in where and how they are going to get the bills paid on time. Implementing a dress code would burden them with more stress because they would need to purchase new clothing to fit the standards of dress code. Also fun activities like the “Beach Bash”, where students go to bond and play and have a good time would be removed, they wouldn’t be allowed to dress in their beach attire and just go to a school activity to have fun with their friends because of the dress code.

Although some studies show that taking away distractions such as outside appearances and how we dress improve our cognitive abilities and academics these studies are often very biased. They select people from a small group of people that will help their study get better results. Although we understand that implementing a school dress code may seem like a good idea, it would cause a lot more unrest then solving the problems. The real problem is only a small percent of the students who need to be treated according to what they do. Instead of solving the actual problem it would only create more and would cause students to lose identity because they can’t express who they are through the clothing they wear.

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