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Dressing Appropriately Issue: The Role Of Our Cloth in Our Life

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No textbook, manual or guide can teach how to live. It is through experience that we truly learn things in life. For example a person can only read so many books and go to so many parenting classes, but no class or book will make a perfect parent. These classes and books will prepare individuals and inform soon-to-be parents but nothing compares to the actual experience of being a parent. As humans we like to inform ourselves and teach the generations after us how to be more effective; nevertheless some lessons cannot be taught. After a certain amount of instruction and practice we gain instinct that gets us through life. This is when we form knowledge of what is appropriate and what is not, like when we dress. Dress code can only go so far when it comes to educating students on how to dress. At some point young adults need to use their knowledge of what they have learned in life about what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to dressing appropriately. Therefore lack of dress code will be more effective because it will obligate students to practice their gained knowledge about appropriate dress attire.

On the other hand dress code can be very effective for practical reasons; Janice Hurley-Trailor, a dental consultant, addresses the practicality of a dress code in her essay, “The Office dress code”. She brings to our attention how dress code not only looks professional, yet also decrease judgmental slur from other co-workers or patients. If employees have a set uniform the doctor does not have to waste any time worrying about whether his employees are dressed adequately. Not only will enforced dress code decrease confusion and judgment on what to wear, yet it will also provide a friendly and effective work environment.

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Moreover, individuals looking for a job are not told how to dress. Most jobs interviews do not require specific dress attire but a standard is held. Students who have dress code in college do not have the opportunity to think for themselves and use common sense on what is appropriate. If students do not get the chance to wear what they feel like from day to day they are more likely to dress irresponsibly on an important event in their life such as a job interview. People who have had dress code their whole lives are prone to rebel and wear inappropriate clothing once they are in the work world. This could be an issue in the work fields that do not have a specific dress code. “Dress for success “ written by Kristy McGregor provides insight on individuals who do not have a uniform at work. These workers need to use their common sense on how to dress when going to work. All the workers talked about in the essay do not have dress guidelines but were asked to “carefully consider their work attire and dress more conservatively, ensuring skirts and dresses were of a reasonable length.” The workers have to use adequate reasoning when wearing appropriate clothing to work. In this workplace good judgment referring to dress attire is crucial. If one does not practice appropriate dress guidelines on their own time, they are more likely to not reason when dressing for work.

Although practice is the key to perfection, a master can only teach his student so much before the student needs to go out on his own and put in practice what he or she has learned. If lessons are not applied to everyday life the lesson was in vain and nothing was truly learned. I grew up with a strict conservative mother. When my sister and I entered middle school we began to pay more attention to how we looked and what we wore. We would see our friends wearing short shorts and crop tops. The latest fashion statement seemed to be showing more and more skin, but living with a conservative mother made it difficult to stay in the loop. My sister and I did everything we could to work around the rules and dress guidelines my mother had held so high for us. It was not until two years later that I truly was thankful for my mom’s strict dress code. I was attending camp meeting for the first time without my mom and I took this as the perfect opportunity to wear all the things I was not allowed to wear back home. Towards the end of the week I thought I would whip out my short shorts and finally sport them. I spent all day feeling cool because I could wear what I wanted and no one could say anything about it. As I was walking around camp I bumped into my boss. My boss had regarded me as a role model for her young daughters. She stopped to chat with me but could barely focus on my face. All her attention was directed towards the length of my shorts. I was so ashamed that I had discarded all I had been taught about respectable dress attire. It was thorough an experience that I accepted to put in practice what I had been taught my whole life. However if I had never gotten the opportunity to rebel I would have never accepted what I have been taught my whole life. Therefore practicing our knowledge on modesty is vital to our success.

In addition, revealing clothing or immodest attire may result in sexual harassment and stereotyping of the individual. Students are less likely to practice what they have been taught if they are not given the opportunity to; hence lack of dress code would be to our advantage. Work fields that do not have a specific uniform do not want to be worrying about what their workers are wearing. If a company does not have a dress code it is because the employer expects the employees to know how to dress for the job, but if students do not practicing modesty on their own, they will not practice it effectively once they graduate. Knowledge on how to dress is crucial but practice of our knowledge is the key to our success.


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