Driverless Cars Are Coming Closer


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 “Driverless Cars” might sound thrilling but also threatening at the same time. Driverless cars are a very good innovation that will solve problems for some people. The process of making more automatic contraptions just started. At the same time, it could be a risky Driverless cars are really bad for human society because They are not reliable and you cannot expect them to be artists a machines. Machines could not interpret human signals which are bad they could not understand. In certain situations how humans would react, machines could not react that way which will really mess up the current situation which will result in tragedy. According to the author “Baldassari Erin” Only 21% percent of the population really want to use Driverless Cars. Self Driving cars will require more automation which will require more money. This will increase the cost of the cars. Not only it will require money, but it will also shut down specific jobs of people who drive automobiles for their living. They will be jobless. This will be the result of Driverless cars. Even though most people do not want to use driverless cars.

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Self Driving automobiles can cause accidents too. In 2018, a Tesla autopilot mode failed and a person was killed. Though they are Driverless, these automobiles require human attention too. Since it is a machine, these cars will be an interest to hackers which will result in danger. Also, it needs high data to communicate and function properly. If there is no high-speed data, it’s a risk and the car could not work properly. Your Personal Data might be getting collected by Hackers too which will result in a bad situation. There are not only normal crashes that happen in the world but equally, there are software crashes that put people’s lives in danger.

Humans controlling automobiles is good enough. Technology is good when it answers your questions and helps you. But when it starts doing everything that you do in your normal life it will promote laziness. Too much technology is also bad and it could change your life in a bad way. The more automation there is, and if humans provide “Artificial Intelligence” to everything, the more Dangerous it gets and if it gets out of hand the Dangers will be inevitable. Think about what will happen if you are in a Driverless Car crash on the road. Who will be responsible…Is it you? The car? Or the manufacturer?. If we Driverless cars are not on the road it would prevent them it would save money and it saves jobs and it will help other jobs. It will also prevent laziness. Giving full control to machines are bad it would not be an exciting outcome.    

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