Driving Age for Taxi Drivers

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There is no such regulation on the age limit for driving a taxi, taxi drivers are allowed to work as long as they want. And young people shun the job because they see it as arduous, boring, and low-paid. As a result, the number of aged drivers is expected to continue to grow. At the same time, accidents involving senior drivers have been increased as well. Though there are growing concerns over the safety of taxis driven by senior adults, the safety management system has not been able to keep up with the trend. Now, it’s time to consider introducing regulation on the tax driver’s age limit before the situation goes from bad to worse.

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Opponents of the regulation on the age limit of Taxi drivers claim that driving skill is more related to an individual’s health than it is to age. Generally speaking, older drivers are dealing with vision or hearing problems which is essential to safe driving. Besides, they are more likely to suffer from serious, chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, or dementia. And many drugs for these diseases could affect severely driving ability. In conclusion, driving is highly correlated to the physical condition more than people think. When it comes to the qualification for a professional job, it is natural to be treated more rigorously.

Next, Opponents of the regulation on the age limit of Taxi drivers claim that elderly taxi drivers have tended to be seasoned with experiences. However, taxi drivers have required some abilities such as situational judgment and quick response when they come into emergencies on the road as much as driving skills. Taxi drivers often drive unfamiliar routes with more urgency and they are also likely to drive regardless of weather conditions. This results in taxi drivers confronting unforeseeable circumstances more than general drivers. An elderly taxi driver’s weakened physical and cognitive functions make them more susceptible to errors in instant judgment at that time.

Last, Opponents of the regulation on the age limit of Taxi drivers claim that elderly drivers have a right of a career choice as long as they hold responsible for the result of their choice. Actually, they indeed pay much more for their insurance. Some damage from a traffic accident such as minor injuries or crashed cars could be calculated and compensated. However, there is still another damage like emotional and physical aftereffects that couldn’t be recovered. They put not only themselves but also other people at such a risk every day they take the wheel.

Elderly people may face so many losses at this stage of life. Therefore, the introduction of regulation on the age limit for taxi drivers could be another form of loss to them, which makes it a very sentimental issue. However, this regulation is concerned about a matter of safety. Even though opponents’ claims are partly true, it is highly possible that traffic accidents caused by elderly taxi drivers would increase continuously and it could threaten public safety. When we deal with issues like this related to the trade-off between an individual’s rights and public interest, we should put the public first after all.

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