Driving Under 18 in Uae: Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • Introduction
  • The Disadvantages of Driving Under the Legal Age
  • The Advantages of Driving Under the Legal Age


When you think about the legal age to get a driver’s license, there is something controversial about thinking about giving a driver’s license to 17-year-olds, which is worrying to many, whether they support or oppose the decision to grant a driver’s license to a 17-year-old teenager. The educational and cultural aspect is important for this age group, and it is important to think about instilling and nurturing the culture of young people in the culture of society in terms of leadership, art, literature, ethics and commitment to the correct and sound standards and ethics applied by the Ministry of the Interior to safeguard the security and safety of citizens and residents in the UAE.

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General Command of Abu Dhabi Police polled the opinion of parents and people about the approval of the Federal Traffic Council to grant a driver’s license for the age of 17, which is still under study by the Council of Ministers. The opinion ranged from supporters to opponents. And the decision will reduce traffic accidents committed by young people who do not have a driver’s license and who have not received any training and supervision of driving vehicles.

The Disadvantages of Driving Under the Legal Age

The age of 17 is still young and their leadership will be reckless. Victims of traffic accidents in the country will increase, and parents will bear the value of traffic violations that they will have to pay because children of this age are still in school. He called on parents to study the negative consequences of this proposal.

Insurance companies do not support the proposal to reduce the legal age of driving the vehicle to those who have completed the age of 17, and that the legal age to obtain a driver’s license must be kept at 18 years, as the age of most of the world. On the increase in insurance prices, if the proposal is applied, Mohammed says: There is a great competition between the insurance companies in the market, and the approval of reducing the legal age will push companies to increase insurance prices and the rates of endurance in traffic accidents for the sole purpose of preserving the lives of young people ‘It is dangerous to allow people under the age of 18 to obtain a light driver’s license for a number of reasons, including the fact that he is still a teenager and has undergone psychological changes,’ said Abdul Karim, an employee. And physical, with love of appearance and love of the contrary T, noting that according to the statistics available to the competent authorities, the majority of traffic accidents occupies the age group between 18 to 25 years, the largest percentage in the commission of traffic accidents.

He added that the insurance company has set conditions in the standard insurance policy, including the driver under the age of 25 years, 10% of the value of compensation in the event that he is the cause of the accident, and this clearly shows that the age group mentioned is the highest percentage of traffic accidents, And that the loss of any young man from the homeland is a great loss that exceeds the loss of money, since lives are priceless.

Some oppose the reduction of the legal age of driving vehicles to 17 years, and preferably remain the same, because young people at this age are reckless, and it is difficult to convince them that what they do recklessly is wrong behavior, affects the relationship of the son to his father, Sons on their parents. He points out that there is no need to grant them the license and disregard for justifications such as helping the family to meet their needs, because most Emirati families have private servants and drivers.

The Advantages of Driving Under the Legal Age

One of the interviewees said I wish I had the patience to implement this decision, because of my 16 year old son’s need for a driver’s license after my husband’s death, my big-age caregiver and my special needs daughter, who may be suffering from any emergency health problems. I work in a private institution and I do not have long hours at home. ‘If the decision is not applied for any reason, I suggest that there should be some kind of exceptional approvals like the only son in the family. This is done after the applicant has passed all the tests and is able to lead, under other conditions such as allowing him to drive within the city only, The decision takes into account the difference in perception between females and males due to the different ability to control the driving.

She believes that she is a supporter of this decision, especially for girls who, when they reach the age of 17, are conscious and aware of the responsibility and that they will be able to spend their time without asking anyone, such as family members who often refuse to visit the family. She added that the age of 17 is a person graduated from high school and therefore needs a driving license to move between home and university.

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