Driving Under the Influence as a Crime


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Who said driving under the influence was a bad thing? Maybe you hit a curb or a person or two what’s the big deal, at best you take your own life. But marijuana makes you so relaxed and less alert, the best state of mind to get behind the wheel. Of course, alcohol is worse even though after intake of marijuana you are not sure when to brake, what speed to maintain, or how to react when a car under the same influence suddenly swerves out in front of you. 

Many people think that driving under the influence of certain substances is better than that of others and well of course it is. How could marijuana possibly be as harmful to your judgment as other drugs and if it was, what is the matter with it? Even though marijuana affects your depth perception and ability to react, you will get home eventually, and if not home the police will make sure you have a bed to stay in. Whether or not that bed may be in a prison cell or the hospital is a whole other story, but at least you know you will be getting the sleep that you wanted. When getting into the car to drive home or to go to work don’t you ever wonder what would make the drive slightly more enjoyable? One great way to take the edge off is to possibly take a few shots of alcohol or have a few beers. This will do a few things, first of all, it will relax you, and second of all, it will let you do things you would never do when you were sober, possibly you will try to go through all stop signs without stopping, or make a turn in an intersection and see if you can go right before a car hits you. The important thing to remember is that even if you do get caught driving under the influence of alcohol, at least you get a long time to ponder the meaning of life while in jail. If you hit someone, you get years or even a lifetime of pondering. In many cases, drunk drivers create a safer road environment. If a drunk driver is swerving from lane to lane or driving badly it forces all other drivers to pay closer attention.

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If you are driving and there is a driver on the road ahead of you who is serving slightly, don’t you slow down and drive more cautiously? As for the police, (who should be out there fighting crime), why are they kept busy testing blood alcohol levels of drivers? This is obviously a violation of an American’s liberty and privacy. The content of one’s blood is one’s personal business, not the state’s Marijuana is ok to use while driving as well as alcohol but the two drugs combined, what would that possibly result in. The combination of the two is so bad that it is fantastic, I’m sure that the driver could run over twice as many people and run through way more red lights since your perception is altered by both alcohol and marijuana. When you are driving it should be all about how you feel not the safety, that is why being under the influence of marijuana and alcohol make only the best possible combination while driving.  

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