Dropping Out of School is a Bad Idea

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Dropping Out of School Is a Bad Idea

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Say Linda drops out in tenth grade she has to work her whole life in whatever job she could find. It wouldn’t be easy work either it would be hard labor. So, thirty years go by and she has carpal tunnel and her arms are weaker. She can’t stop working because she will be homeless. 10 years later her arms give out she’ls living in an old person home that her kids decided would be best for her. She is now 101 living in the same retirement home. She told me her meals have been the same 7 meals the past 20 years of her life. I tell myself I don’t want to go that path every day.

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As a dropout student you will find it hard to get a decent job. Most jobs require at least a high school diploma. Cameron says, ‘I’ve put many applications with no return phone call. This proves dropping out can cause getting a job to be difficult. The thing is in this generation is we are so addicted to instant gratification that we don’t plan for the future. Dropping out can also lead to things like hard drugs and addiction. This can lead to becoming homeless as well as starving. Dropout students go through a lot of bullying because people don’t want to see someone who could finish high school win. It seems like the labels they earn are some of the worst, such as dirty, loser, low life, and worst of all less of a person.

Are you contemplating dropping out of high school? Well here are some things you’ll want to know before deciding. If you drop out, you can only hope for a job above minimum wage. If you decide to finish high school, you could go to college and get a degree. Once you have a degree you can get a job making good money. Once you get this job you may not love it. You may spend your life doing something the system planned for you. Therefore, your college trip was regretful because money doesn’t create happiness. Make a wise decision to ensure your happiness in the future.

Dropping out of high school really isn’t the best option. It creates so many life problems that are really unnecessary. I see so many people on a day to day basis that have dropped out. Many seem depressed and anxious, and others seem like nothing is wrong at all: maybe those ones are just really good at hiding it. You have to realize people who dropout wasn’t planning on success. The only way to become successful if you drop out is either luck, or to become famous. Just go to school, don’t ditch your classes for something in the future when it’s in the past.

Dedicate time to your education if you want to graduate. you have to want to do it yourself. Respect the knowledge and learn. Do you want to spend your life in the trash? You want to be successful, sit in class and pay attention. Learn self-control and how to work in a structured environment. Most jobs are very structured and follow a tight schedule, much like school. If you go through school, you can follow your dreams after you succeed in life as a member of the government’s work force.

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