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Dropshipping Pet Products in the USA

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Pets have become so common today that it may be tempting to argue that a modern family home is incomplete if they don’t own a pet. Cats and dogs are obviously the most popular pets but some people keep rabbits, birds and guinea pigs as well. It comes as no surprise therefore that the pet industry has taken off in e commerce. Pet lovers today treat their pets almost like their own children and are not afraid to spend large amounts of money to ensure their pets are healthy and comfortable. Like all industries, the pet industry has several niches that should attract dropshippers and online retailers. Instagram seems to be the most popular social platform for sellers of pet supplies and it’s easy to see why given the visual nature of the app. This can also be combined with having a fantastic online store that sells everything pet related. Dropshipping pet products is significantly more lucrative because you not only get to import products to your store faster but mainly because you don’t have to purchase inventory while having a wide variety of pet products. How to Find the Best Pet Products to Sell There are several pet products such as pet clothes and pet toys and online retailers should consider all of them when choosing the pet industry as your e commerce niche and just like all niches different products sell more than others and for different reasons.

The reasons it is important you choose the best products to sell is because of how saturated dropshipping has become today. Competitors have increased and some have more resources than you and therefore differentiating your business is very important. Selling pet supplies online can be very easy if follow some tips below when selecting the products to sell: 1.Using a reliable supplier. Suppliers can come in the form of a manufacturer or wholesaler/distributor. To dropship pet supplies you have to ensure your supplier is someone you can count on and that they have a large inventory of pet products. Some people prefer having more than one supplier just to be on the safe side. Having a great supplier can also ensure you get cheap pet supplies in bulk saving you a lot of money. Large dropshipping platforms like Chinabrands carry out several checks to ensure only verified suppliers provide pet products. 2.Market research and competitor analysis. I raised the point of how the number of dropshippers in the USA and around the world have increased in recent years. Everyone thinks that succeeding in ecommerce and dropshipping is all about having an online store but it is much more than that. When you conduct a proper research into the pet suppliers market in your region or state you gain an in-depth perspective on which products to sell, to whom and how to align your marketing strategy to this data. Competitor analysis might even be more important because you get to see what your competitors are doing and why they are succeeding or failing. 3.Identifying a target audience.

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The people in your state may love dogs more than they love cats. Some are avid social media users while others do not use social media at all. All this data is important when choosing a pet product because the product you choose should be aligned with your target audience. There is no point in having dead stock that nobody in locality wants to buy and that is why identifying a target audience in advance informs your choice of product. 4.Establishing a product range. I mentioned that there are different types of pets and therefore it makes no sense to sell products for every single pet. Setting a product range allows you to focus on a particular niche giving you a better opportunity to succeed. Your product range can include dog and cat supplies and their related products and pet accessories. Setting a product range also makes it easier to focus your marketing strategy because you know exactly which pet lovers you are trying to reach. 5.Pricing and profit margins. Online retailers should always choose products that will bring in profits. Ensure you get the best quality product at the lowest possible price from your supplier so that you can set competitive prices that guarantee profits. The Alidropship plugin for WordPress for example has a price markup formula that gradually increase your prices over time. The price you want to sell should inform the type of product you select to sell. The Different Pet Supplies in the Pet Product Niche Dropshippers should be happy because there are several supplies to choose from in the pet niche. Some may decide to sell them all or others may decide to focus on just a few to build a loyal customer base. The list below consists of a few different supplies that you may want to consider when deciding what pet products to sell.

Toys — Pets especially young ones much like children love to play and this is why pet toys are among the highest selling products in the pets’ industry. Owners normally identify the playing routines of their pets very early on once they acquire them. Dogs often prefer to chew on certain things or play fetch while cats prefer grinding their claws on a surface. In 2017, a scratching surface toy for cats was the highest selling product in the USA.

Clothes — winter is a tough time for many Americans and pet lovers hate to leave their pets behind when shopping for winter clothing. While some people may still dress their pets during other times of the year, winter is the season when most pet clothes are bought. There are several dog hats and shoes to go with the clothes. Most clothes are for dogs because they are naturally larger than dogs but you can also get mini clothes for cats. Scarves are also and extra addition to some pet outfits.

Food — Pet food has been the highest selling pet product for years now and you obviously know why. Pets need to eat and like most animals, they eat a lot. Buying pet food is necessary as you ensure your pet stays healthy and is good for making sure your pet gets used to a certain type of food to diminish any wild instincts. Your pet food may consist of raw meat, canned food, home cooked, kibble/dry for dogs etc. Food greatly impacts the health of the pet and therefore finding the correct balance and food variation is of great importance to pet lovers.

Accessories — Pet accessories are probably the most because of how may variation there are. Some of the most popular include nail/claw grinders, toothbrushes, hair/fur trimmers, blankets, pet carriers, collars, leashes, beds, kennels and bowls. There are recreational products such as floater jackets for swimming.

Preventive Equipment — These include the supplies for preventing illnesses and may feature dental care products, deworming equipment, flea prevention, vitamins and supplements. Retailers must also remember that there are different breeds of pets especially for dogs and therefore the products you sell must be alive to these facts to factor in size when importing products to your online store. 6 Pet Supplies Dropshippers in the USA The demand for pet supplies and products is highest in North America and Europe hence the increase in pet supplies drop shippers in the USA. Most dropshipping functionalities today have become automated meaning you could start selling pet products as soon as you set up your online store. However, the biggest advantage of dropshipping pet supplies is the fact that your supplier handles all the shipping and logistical issues. Manufacturers of pet suppliers are mainly located in China and that is where most distributors get their products. In this list, I attempt to name the best pet suppliers dropshippers in the USA that any aspiring dropshipper should want to work with.

1.Chinabrands The dropshipping platform has over one million products on their online marketplace. The platform has grown over the years and has managed to penetrate the international market. Chinabrands became popular because of its dropshipping function and the numerous unique features that come with choosing their suppliers. Chinabrands has hundreds of pet products available including leashes, collars, and pet carriers, and pet brand products, accessories such as brushes, toys and pet clothes. Start dropshipping with Chinabrands today! The platform is great for you because of the following reasons:

Amazing quality control checks including vetting of suppliers to ensure their products are up to standards. Only verified suppliers are found on Chinabrands.

Cheap and affordable quality products meaning you can import cheap products in bulk to save on costs.

Orders are delivered efficiently and your customer around the US can receive their supplies within 48 hours. They have warehouses located everywhere around the globe.

Automatic dropshipping functions for easy order and stock management.

The Chinabrands API integrates seamlessly with more than 20 platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Shopify and others.

2.PetStoresUSA Based in Cincinnati and founded in the 1960s, Pet stores USA is a subsidiary of parent company UTM distributing company and was established after UTM had long foreseen the future potential of ecommerce and the growing market in the pet industry. PetstoreUSA has become one of the market leaders in selling pet supplies online and dropshipping in the United States with over 40 years’ experience in the industry and 10 years in dropshipping pet products. Their products catalog features over 2500 top pet items and also features products from 10 of the most popular pet brands in North America. All orders are delivered within 24 hours. All one has to do to join the dropship program is to fill in their contact form to submit your information, and they will respond by sending you log in information for their wholesale website that grants you access to all their products. Retailers will also have access to spreadsheet with pet product information. They have products for dogs, birds, cats, fish, horses and pest control equipment. PetstoresUSA really is a pet lover’s haven.

3.Essential Pet Products. Essential pet products have been in the game for more than 20 years. Their products are of high quality because of the tough reviews brands and suppliers have to go through before partnering with the distributor. Additionally, they give retailers online marketing and web design advice. Only American and Canadian citizen are eligible for the dropship program and you only pay for shipping and product charges. Everything is at no coast at all and you receive excellent customer service. Joining the program gives you access to their product data feeds. Essential pet products is great because of the variety of products at their disposal. They have supplies for cats, dogs, birds, fish and pest controls. You gain access to cages, aquariums, ramps steps, pet tracking devices and so much more.

4.Aliexpress Aliexpress has over 50,000 products in pet supplies and accessories. Their product catalog features supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish and other small animals. They also have products for farm animals. Pet lovers can buy toys, clothes and accessories. Aliexpress is one of the most popular dropshipping platforms to use to dropship pet supplies in the US and remains so because of the following:

Cheap prices for pet supplies allowing affordable bulk imports.

Larger variety of pet products.

5.TopDawg Located in Dania Beach, Florida, Top Dawg is an ecommerce company that until recently decided to link pet product manufacturers with online retailers and wholesalers. Their pet supply categories include pet healthcare, grooming, feedings, toys, treats, cleaning, accessories, litter and many more. Joining the dropship program is very simple and involves a simple sign up which gives access to over 7000 pet supply items. Shipping and delivery is done within 48 hours. There are no upfront costs and you only pay for shipping. TopDawg is a great option if you’re looking for unique pet products.

6.Pet Retail Supply Pet retail supply is located in Cypress, Ridge California and gives you access to hundreds of suppliers with a wide variety of pet supplies. Inventory has more than 15000 pet product items. For an American company they also have great affordable prices. Their product catalog is mainly for cats and dogs and even features products for pet home decor, health, travel, gates, outdoor and ID cards in addition to the usual supplies like pet clothes, grooming and pet toys. Pet retail supply is made for the dog or cat lover. Once you join the dropship program there is a $3 handling fee for all dropship orders. There is no minimum order limit and you can use product images and descriptions. Final Thoughts More than 62% of households in the United States on a pet and this statistic proves just how much of a market there is for dropshippers to exploit. Pet supplies have to be of utmost quality for you to succeed and that is why I would highly recommend Chinabrands as your dropshipper of choice because of the cheap pet supplies available and the high quality control checks. Pet product dropshipping is very competitive but your approach to the market will ultimately be the deciding factor on whether you succeed or not.


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