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Drug Abuse/Addiction And The Healthy People 2020 Objective

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Drug Abuse/Addiction

This paper describes why there is interest in the research on drug abuse and addiction. This paper reflects on a Health People 2020 objective to describe the population, organization focus, and policies that exist.

Grading Rubric

Description of the Topic

Most persons are not aware and do not comprehend how and why other persons come to be addicted to drugs. Majority of them erroneously reflect that the drug aficionados lack ethical values or self-discipline and so they can end their drug use merely by deciding to. It is, however, important to find out in realism whether vacating this composite syndrome involves more than decent intents or a sturdy willpower. Drug abuse has engaged a noteworthy place in the community awareness. This intensified consciousness of drugs and their impacts has predisposed principally campaigns and plans concerned with teaching the community about the jeopardies of drug abuse and addiction about in what way persons and peoples can overcome drug-related glitches. Passionately argued subjects regarding present-day drug abuse are based on whether presently illegitimate drugs ought to be lawful. Another major concern includes drugs abuse in sports sending contradictory messages to young groups whose idols are expert sportspersons (Lintonen et. al. 2014).

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The Healthy People 2020 objective

The Healthy People 2020 objective is to lessen the sicknesses, the infirmity and the demises associated with the usage of drugs and the secondhand disclosure to the drugs (Lintonen et. al. 2014). It aims at attaining high-quality, injury, lengthier lives free of avertible sickness, infirmity, and early death. Attain healthiness equity, eradicate discrepancies, and advance the health of all clusters as wells as creating societal and physical atmospheres that endorse decent fitness for all (Campa et. al. 2017).

Organizational Focus

The health people 2020 objectives present an educational program which is a community-based practice and an inter-professional-simulation practice (Campa et. al. 2017). The educational package underlines inter-professional skills for team building, awareness of careers, service learning, patient-centered care, the influence of ethos on healthcare conveyance as well as an inter-professional clinical element. The community-based knowledge reveals in what way inter-professional partnerships deliver service to patients and in what manner the setting and accessibility of resources influence one’s wellbeing status. The inter-professional-simulation knowledge defines medical team expertise training in both summative and formative simulations used to improve skills in leadership and communication (Lintonen et. al. 2014).


Though development is witnessed in considerably depressing rates of substance misuse in the US, the usage of mind and conduct changing substances remains to take a chief toll on the well-being of persons, relations, and societies countrywide. Substance misuse encompassing drugs is linked with a variety of disparaging societal circumstances, comprising family disturbances, monetary glitches, lost production, and failure in school, domestic vehemence, child misuse, and wrongdoing. Therefore, robust health policies will be highly recommendable for quick intervention.


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