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Drug Abuse: Literature Review

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Researchers mostly emphasis on the usage of alcoholic homebrew, tobacco, kava and marijuana consumption is across the board in Fiji, as in other Pacific countries (Benjamine, 1998). These refreshments more often than not contain up to three times the alcohol substance of industrially largely created and drugs consumption are generally have an impact mostly by young people. Additionally, illegal drugs consumption mostly a major issue in the Pacific. However, according to (Elson, 1994) state that Fiji by the goodness of its geological position is looked with the twin issues of illegal drugs trafficking and maximizes its use. These advancements make an environment which opens whole networks to more serious hazard related to drugs consumption (Mollycian, 1992).

Studies have shown that 152 cases of young people engaged with drugs were recorded from 59 schools in the Central Division. According to (NSAAC, 2017) state that parental supervision is critical and guardians need to guarantee they know the whereabouts of their young one. A drug is the toppers in the list for every single criminal movement recorded in different schools in Fiji (Tabua, 1998). The schools are likewise instructing young people on the impacts of glue sniffing what it will convey to their wellbeing, and it is something that educators as well as we as guardians need to drive the young one the need you know to deal in terms of caring their wellbeing. According to the data given by NSAAC state emphasis on the increasing in consuming of illicit drug in primary as well as secondary school in Fiji especially on glue sniffing (James, 2010). Additionally, the abusing of these substances can change everything from your body to your financial balance. This can incorporate anything from changes in terms of cognitive, psychomotor and affective domain and also changes in wellbeing, lawful issues, budgetary issues, unintentional injury, and even lead to death (Kabulau, 2009). However, some researcher found out the positive impact of drug abuse.

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The attitude toward drug abuse people who are tormented with social uneasiness may think that it’s hard to take part in social circumstances such as work capacities, network get-togethers, or special occasions (Raisula, 1990). Drinking alcohol or taking drugs can bring down a man’s restraints; reduce their reaction of hesitance and empowering them to feel all the more free and agreeable in circumstances that would ordinarily cause nervousness (Robert, 2003). Illegal drugs are considerably less normal, in spite of the fact that Fiji Police trust their utilization is on the increasing level. As a result of its area as a noteworthy port in the core of the Pacific, the nation faces both illegal drug trafficking and maximize its use, particularly among the youth. Additionally, studies have shown that in school teachers able to detect students who have consumed drugs (Gabriel, 2004).

There are so many symptom that teachers able to identify in each student, thus those issues can be overcome through counselling from teachers, principal and even psychologist.There is evidence and information proposing the potential for maximum danger of HIV disease related with drug abuse use in Fiji, yet there is a need to investigate this issue encourages social conduct and subjective research (Goundar, 2001). While unsafe substance utilizes designs and sexual wellbeing hazard factors are progressively detailed, there is minimal current examination with respect to the connection between the two. Furthermore, the concern is the current condition of quickly changing in abusing of drugs designs with little in the method for more response to protect the general population of Fiji from the range of social and health related problem (Rokosawa, 1998). Moreover, issues in financial conditions could lead to poverty in terms of purchasing illegal substance and hence could harmful to the body function and end up in bankrupt.


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