Drug Addiction: Expanding Our Knowledge on the Issue of Drug Abuse

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A brief introduction to drug abuse is that it is a form of drug-taking behaviour that results in some form of physical, mental, or social disability. The early stages of drug abuse usually are drug addiction. According to World Drug report for 2012, 230 million people around the world, 1 in 20 in the US took illegal drugs. The report also stated that the main problem drug users, mainly heroin. In reality, drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting it usually takes more than good intentions or a strong will.

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Recently, there has been debate about legalizing marijuana and using it for medical purposes. Hence the topic ‘Marijuana’ will be our main focus currently. As this marijuana comes with its benefits and harms, although some people use it to treat diseases such as Parkinsons and so on. But if it was used wrongly, it will be harmful towards the users, as excessive uses of it will leads to addiction. Which as times goes by the addiction will lead to an abusive form of usage towards this drug.

Next, due to marijuana being legalized in some countries or states, there was a rise in numbers of people who were afraid that people will abuse the use of it. Due to it being legalized, there will be more ways to obtain marijuana. Although getting marijuana still requires proper prescription by the doctors or specialist. But as we all know people who plan to abuse it can get it easily through black market or alternative ways, the country also have more supply of marijuana which made these so much easier.

On the other hand, marijuana which is also known as cannabis can also treat a lot of diseases such as relieving chronic pains, improves lung capacity. Regulate seizures, treat Parkinson's disease, alleviate anxiety and so on. With proper handling and uses of cannabis it can also help a lot of people out there to face certain issues such as anxiety or depression as well.

There are many issues nowadays related to the use and abuse of drugs. These issues made complex particularly because of conflicting values concerning drug use within modern societies. One of the controversial issues related to drug abuse is the consequences of taking marijuana. As time goes by, the usage of marijuana has drastically increased and more patients are using this for the treatment of their illness, even mental issues as well. But sadly, the uses of marijuana still remained to be quite controversial.

In United State, marijuana is labelled as Class 1 controlled substance, which is still considered illegal under federal law. The drug that was categorized under Class 1 Controlled Substance have high chances of people to abuse it, sues of it for medical treatment are not accepted as the safety of it is not yet been proven with actual facts. Even though there are these issues related to marijuana, half of the states in has legalized and approved the prescription of marijuana for medical purposes and recently Thailand has approved it as well.

It is considered as a controversial issues as people wanted to legalize it. There are plenty of reasons why people wanted to legalize it. First of all, because Marijuana is way safer than alcohol, which is legal. Medical type of marijuana provides a safe and natural treatment for many types of chronic pain. Also, it helps to reduce symptoms associated with a variety of illnesses for example Parkinson’s, cancer and so on.

On the other hand, there are also people who refuse and deny legalizing marijuana stated that it is because frequent use can cause cognitive ability and short-term memory and could also lead to a lower quality of life, as well as health problems and financial issues. Besides that, Marijuana carries a risk of abuse and addiction. 

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