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Drug And Alcohol Abuse And Social Imagination

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In our day-to-day chores, we often encounter the terms of drug abuse as well as alcohol. In one way or the other, we all have friends or even family member who abuses drugs and alcohol while sometimes we may be the one who is involved in the misuse of the same drugs. No matter how much we consider this challenge to be a minor problem that can easily be overtaken by those who are involved in it. It is good therefore to understand that it is one of the challenges that most individuals are grappling with over a long period.

My Experience

It is one of the problems am going through and I find it challenging especially that bit of avoiding being an addict. I have witnessed many disadvantages of using alcohol and abusing drugs. In many instances, it slows down some of the main important functions that I attend. Even when am sober, I have realized that I have developed a slurred speech. Sometimes it has led to my unsteady movement. This is not only my challenge as I can attest that it has affected me adversely.

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Social Issues

However, on the other hand, it is a social issue because every time I drink alcohol, people around me cannot enjoy their time peacefully. Sometimes I can fight them for no apparent reason. Also, I have noticed that I am neglecting my responsibilities, especially in my workplaces because I hardly meet the deadlines that are set by the management. I often get warning letters because of delaying the work of the institution. I view this as a social issue because in most instances we are not in good terms with the management. Again, some of the responsibilities like taking care of my family. I have realized that I am not performing my responsibilities as expected of me such as providing food and other basic needs that are expected of me.

My Personal Troubles

Sometimes, I am arrested for driving under the high influence of alcohol. Therefore, my relationship with both family members and friends have been strained more especially during the time I started using drugs and alcohol. Since I started indulging into using the drugs, I have noticed that I have been affected all round. The effects that I had were the signs of the long term. Firstly, there is a side effect in my brain. It has affected my financial stability as well as my emotional abilities.


From the above experiences, it is evident that the use of alcohol as well as misusing drugs can be attributed by personal choices. However, the consequences are both personal trouble and the public issue. The personal trouble arises when one cannot be able to relate with other people well as well as neglecting the duties that one is expected to perform. On the other hand, both friends and family members may feel obliged to cover up the affected person. In the process, they end up taking the burden of cleaning up the messes that one have caused as well as sometimes lying just to cover up the weaknesses.


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