Drug Testing the Welfare Recipients

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Coming from a town that is close to Houston seeing homeless people or even low-income families is not an uncommon sight. The welfare policy affects my society immensely because it has dropped the poverty rate in Texas. Many families that have low-paying jobs would not be able to meet their basic needs without welfare. Poverty is when individuals or families do not have the resources to meet basic needs which is what welfare is for.

The department of public welfare was made to run these programs and their goal was always to keep state spending down and push towards federal spending. Eizenstat states, “responsibility should be presumed to belong to the states and localities unless the problem is a national one.” The downside to having welfare is that people became lazy and they were no longer trying to get on their feet and work for themselves but instead, they relied on the government-funded money. As a start to even this out, the state governments began to increase services like transportation and child care so that they could decrease the cash given out. DeHaven and Tanner state, “Welfare is also likely to entrap the next generation as well. The attitudes and habits that lead to welfare dependency are transmitted the same way as other parent-to-child pathologies, such as alcoholism and child abuse.” Welfare is not meant to be used as a way for people’s lives to be covered but that is how some people use it.

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The federal government made many changes to policies, while still expanding welfare as well. Eizenstat explains that “the federal government should have primary responsibility for those functions and programs where a broad national interest, such as the national defense.” The federal government is the main source of funds for these services. Welfare also had public assistance programs called: aid for the blind, old-age assistance, and aid to the permanently and totally disabled, which were later taken over fully by the federal government. Before these were made there were state-level policies like resident requirements but they were ended by the federal government.

Political culture affects the policy more in areas that have higher unemployment rates. People that are receiving welfare are not going to complain about it or want to express the negative effects it has on society. Welfare has encouraged families to be split up so that they can get this extra money. Personally I believe that California people would hate the fact that this is where our tax money goes, but more importantly we should worry about the people that could get jobs but instead only rely on the government. Welfare used correctly is a very positive policy for our society but when used for one’s personal advantage it can cause many negative effects. The rules and regulations are not exactly giving positive effects but for the most part, they help keep the money for the ones who need it. Without welfare, there would be higher poverty rates which would lead to an increase in crime as well.  

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