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Drug Trafficking in Mexico City

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Mexico has waged a war upon its major issue with drugs and drug trafficking since 2006. These illicit activities have cost the lives of 30,000 individuals from 2006 to 2012. (“The War On Drugs In Mexico: A Failed State.”) However this number does not include the lives of over 20,000 Mexican citizens whom have simply just disappeared. (“Drug War Statistics.”) Mexican officials have reason to believe a majority of these disappearances are a result of this devastating drug war. Mexican drug trafficking make up a large majority of the drugs found in the U.S., making them the main supplier of drugs in the nation. Although the Mexican government has made efforts to seize this ongoing war, it has prove to be undoubtedly difficult due to the undeniable facts that these drug traffickers are well funded, well armed, and have support from corrupt politician’s and law enforcement agents.

The drug business in Mexico is estimated to bring in approximately 50 billion dollars a year. (“Drug War Statistics.”) The income that has been gained from the drug trafficking gives an ample amount of money to the traffickers, which allows them to carry out their business with virtually no issues whatsoever. Due to the fact that these drug traffickers are so wealthy, it makes them incredibly difficult to stop. Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, for example, had an estimated net worth of approximately 1 billion dollars, and escaped from maximum-security prisons not once, but twice. El Chapo is a flawless example of how a powerful and wealthy man involved in drug trafficking can have what he wants done whenever he wants it done. He also was reportedly ordering people to be killed from inside the prison, and had his own drug ring while incarcerated as well. (“El Chapo.”)

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Along the U.S. boarder alone, there are over 700 licensed arms dealers, but in Mexico, there is only one. Mexico has prohibited guns from being owned by all citizens besides law enforcement, or any other important individuals. Since they are in fact prohibited, there is no way to regulate who owns a gun because there are many outlets to buy and sell them illegally. Over 70% of guns found in Mexico are traced to licensed dealers in the U.S.. (“Tijuana, Mexico – Consulate General of the United States.”) To carry out any drug related business or transaction, a drug trafficker must have a way to be seen as threatening or have a way to protect themselves. Therefore these individuals are heavily armed and nearly untouchable due to all the resources available to them through illegal trade, making it nearly impossible to catch the perpetrators without being harmed. In the book ‘Prayers for the Stolen’ by Jennifer Clement, the character Mike had found a gun lying in a trash bag along side the road, which expands upon the idea that nearly anyone can buy or even find a gun. (Prayers For The Stolen.)

The drug trade is so common in Mexico; it is almost a way of life. Those who witness any wrongdoings are most likely to turn the other cheek and not say a word. This is largely due to the fact that they are scared of being killed or they are so used to these common activities. Although in some cases, there are those individuals who act in a more deviant manner than just turning the other cheek. There are some powerful groups such as law enforcement agents and politicians who help these traffickers carry out their illegal activities. A drug trafficker may pay off a police officer to stay off their trail or bribe them with anything else such as further payouts to look the other way. Politicians know these drug traffickers are rich, powerful people, and may ask them for political support in return for business or a safe alibi to hide beneath. It is incredibly hard to catch these drug traffickers because their actives are so rarely reported to authorities or the authorities the activities are being reported to are corrupt in itself.

The drug war will continue in Mexico, the violence will not cease, and the death toll will keep rising if something is not done about these drug traffickers. These people are wealthy, equipped with many weapons, and continue to have the support of corrupt politicians and law enforcement. These criminals have all the resources they need to be successful in their activities and will continue until those said resources cease. The drug war has caused many heavy hearts in Mexico, and caused the drug problem in the U.S. to rise exponentially. It is undeniable that if something is not done soon, Mexico will merely be a place of criminals, sorrow, and death.


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