Drugs: How Does Each Type Affect the Mind

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Drugs are a concept people treat in two opposite ways. Others have deified them by believing that it is magical to bring them to other levels of happiness, and others have tragically made them believe that every drug will send you directly to death. However, these two categories include those who are “out of the way”. Those who are viewers of the problem and know them only from movies, stories, people around them. The second view is closer to the truth, but certainly those who are experiencing the problem are certainly more likely to talk about it.

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People who have experimented with drugs, who have once experienced curiosity or continue and do it either for pleasure or self-destructive tendencies. Living in a country that in 2000 ranked second in the European Union in drug-related deaths I cannot overlook the issue. Nor do I close my eyes simply because it does not affect me directly but by not talking about it, we do not eliminate the problem. The words “drug addict”, “dependent”, “addicted” are considered “bad” words, which give a sign to someone without paying attention to the person behind the word. But it is no coincidence that the number one drug sales in Greece are psychoactive substances. I am not here to judge, nor to analyze this multifaceted social problem.

How does each type of drug affect the mind?

In the context of a social experiment, each person was given a different narcotic substance. As long as the person was under the influence of the drug, his face was photographed. Then the portrait was worked out to make the reactions, thoughts, behavior and more generally the impact of drugs on everyone in the final result. Below is the presentation of the research as well as a few words about each substance.

Adderall, is the trade name of a combination of amphetamine salts. So, it is known as “smart drug”, it can be taken with a prescription and is even given to children. It keeps on alert and helps to gather for it and is very popular with students and individuals who want to have a great performance in reading. The side effects are from decreased appetite and lack of sleep to mood swings, muscle aches and hallucinations.

LSD or other diethylamide of lysergic acid is the drug of hallucinations. Square pieces of paper impregnated with the drug and then melt in the mouth. Many times the cartons have cartoon images. There are plenty of psychedelic videos with matching music that accompany the so-called trip. LSD causes distortions of perceptions, altered images, fantasies, intense colors and hallucinations. Many times you cannot distinguish imagination from reality. A dose of LSD can cause temporary mental disorders with severe consequences, anxiety, intense fear and inability to think and move.

Cocaine causes a short but intense makeup which is immediately followed by the opposite – intense feeling of depression, nervousness and craving for more drug. Cocaine users often do not eat or sleep normally. When taking cocaine you can feel strong tachycardia, muscle spasms and seizures. The drug can make people feel paranoid, angry, hostile and anxious – even when they are not made. Cocaine also has a substance called crack where it is considered one of the most addictive drugs substances and has the same results as the Cocaine.

THC, after alcohol, marijuana is the most widespread addictive substance. It has slowly begun to legitimize in certain areas as it is recognized for its healing properties. However, it can affect the person’s mood, increase his appetite and lead even to depression for a long time.

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