Drunk Driving in the United States and the Deaths It Causes

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A mother and child were driving home one day when tragedy struck. A drunk driver collided with them, sending the family into a shallow ravine and into a hospital. Driving while intoxicated is a thoughtless decision that puts numerous lives in danger. Serious injury or even death can occur when two vehicles collide, especially when one of the drivers is intoxicated. There is no telling who will be wounded when the crash happens, weather it is the drivers or passengers. Alas, people still are traversing the roads while under the influence of alcohol. Are the lives of innocent people worth risking? Any individual that over indulges on alcoholic beverages should know that by starting their car while inebriated, they are endangering a countless number of lives.

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Personal wellbeing, that is what one risks when they decide to drive while drink. The driver may be drunk with power and feel invincible, but they are not. They are still mortal and will die if they step into their car and proceed to drive home. Frequently intoxicated drivers end up committing accidental suicide by colliding into a tree, street sign, or other vehicle. The driver does not realize that they will lose their life, and devastate their loved ones, just by thinking that they are okay to drive home. In drunken driving accidents, the intoxicated driver is more likely the one that will unfortunately end up six feet under. It is unfathomable that a person could drive home while under the influence, completely knowing that they are putting their life in jeopardy.

Not only could the driver kill themselves, the people that are in the other vehicle are in even greater danger. An intoxicated driver is a loaded gun that will shoot down anything in its path. No body wants to worry about being hit; everybody wants to feel free from danger while driving. The inebriated driver did not realize that they have just killed or mutilated somebody’s family member, friend, or classmate. A classmate that may have lost his life due to the carelessness of somebody that drives while drunk. The people that got hit have lost their future. Weather they had perished or not, the helpless feeling that they could, once again, get hit shall forever and always be on their mind. Eternal fear and sadness shall be placed upon the family. The drunk driver could be breaking one of the Ten Commandments by murdering an entire family. A mother and son may have been killed due to one person’s reckless decision to drive.

Lives may be lost, but other lives will have been shattered. Emotional scars last longer than emotional scars. If a mother loses her son, if a brother loses her sister, or if a man loses his wife, all are scars that will never heal. By seeing his mother brought to the brinks of death, a child will never be able to fully recover. The driver did not consider that they are ruining the lives of an entire family just by driving while intoxicated. The driver did not consider that they will have to pay for the years in therapy that the family members of the people that got hit will have to go through. Some people never heal when the infamous collision occurs, causing tremendous emotional trauma.

By drink a little too much, a person could kill numerous people. Alcohol abuse is no laughing matter, and should be looked at as a deadly crime by civilians and lawmakers alike. Sadly, people still ruin lives daily by colliding with a family while they are inebriated. It is as effortless as saying no to another drink, or understanding that driving after drinking is an appalling idea. Even though alcohol will never be illegalized, driving while drunk should be regarded as a deadly crime and a thoughtless act.


Controlling Purpose: To persuade classmates that drunk driving will kill you or others.

Thesis: Any individual that over indulges on alcoholic beverages should know that by starting their car while inebriated, they are endangering a countless number of lives.

Anecdote: A mother and son driving home one day

  1. Alcohol abuse
  2. Possible deaths

Killing yourself

  1. Committing accidental suicide
  2. Ruining what life that person may have had.

Killing others

  1. Death of innocent people
  2. Family member, friend, classmate’s death
  3. Losing their future

Emotional scars

  1. Emotional scars last forever
  2. Not only to people that got hit, but others as well
  3. Cost of help


  1. Alcohol abuse
  2. Stricter laws

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