Dumb Luck: Boy Falls Out of Tree and Days Later Wins The Lottery!

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Days before his 18th birthday Brandon Dewolfe and his close friend Kayla had gone out to a field about 20 minutes from our town Greenville, to climb a tree. While high up Brandon Dewolfe had tragically fallen from one of the higher branches, luckily paramedics were called thanks to Kayla. The next day after his release from the hospital, he had bought a 5$ lottery ticket, and in some magical way, he had won! He has won 3 MIllion dollars and is now starting what many of us would call 15 minutes of fame. After having an online poll and interviewing a few dozen people from Greensville about what they would do with the money and their reactions on an 18-year-old winning the lottery.

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Lesley choice is a Canadian novelist and poet of over 60 stories. Born in Riverside New Jersey March 21, 1951, he moved to Canada in 1978 and became a Canadian citizen. He like other authors prefers placing himself in the shoes of a character to get in-depth with the story. Letter to the author I love that Brandon learns money cannot be a permanent solution to happiness, but he does have a bigoted mindset. Although I’m not sure if you have purposely given him this personality of “oh yeah I won it big, I don’t need you”, not that I have a problem with it since his actions are the reason of his learning, but I feel as if this story could actually happen in real life where small time people hit it big once and are blinded by their short lasted fame, money, and the fact that now more people love him just because the can get something out of them. It’s just I don’t think he realizes at all and has this idea that he and his friends only hung out because they were rejected and now he’s willing to drop her fast than you can say serendipity. He acts so entitled to the fact that he’s young and rich and won’t take Mr. Carvers aid and advising that in the long run could help him. I hope for a sequel where we see what happens to Brandon and a few of the other chartered fate. So let’s say you pick the right six numbers and win a $10 million jackpot — you’re going to get $10 million, right? Well, sort of; somehow, you end up with about something shy of that with 2.5 million?!?. Where does the money go?” is not an easy question. There are many things the take into consideration when the amount you gain is well not the winning prize amount could be for multiple reasons. When you win a Lotto ticket, you get to choose between a receiving your all of your money at once and a series of annual payments, and you can’t change your choice later. The winner’s first hours as a millionaire are spent filling out paperwork you won’t get the money instantly. Your two choices when you win the lottery: you can receive a one-time, lump-sum payment or 30 payments over 29 years. (once a year) If you choose the all in one payment, you will receive your prize winnings upfront, and immediately will owe income tax on the full winners must give (depending on the state) up to 8% of their winnings. If you choose the installment plan in the form of an annual payment, each installment payment will be taxed.

According to Forbes article “What To Do If You Win The Lottery” by Zack Friedman, if you chose a series of annual payments when you bought the ticket, what you are really going to the winnings are a series of yearly payments that add up to $10 million. In year one you might get the first payment for 2.5 percent of 25,000. As each year passed, the amount of the check goes up by a tenth of a percent — the last payment is for 5 percent, or $500,000. Favorite character- Mr. Carver and Kayla Mr. Carver’s benevolent actions have made him into a likable character, seeing as if he has gone through what Brandon has as well. Though it’s similar, their experiences of having his fair share of fanfare through his stock market days. Kayla seems like a character many of us can connect with. She likes to stay in and watch documentaries or the fact that she just doesn’t fit society’s physical standards many of us may feel the way she does. She has lost one of her close friends (Brandon) due to his befuddled mind because of fame and money. She has gotten through it and has now placed herself in a better position with people who won’t abandon her once they find Setting-Greenville high school Theme-money can’t buy happiness permanently only momentarily After Brandon Wolfe has recently turned 18, won the lottery something many of us wish for in our future.

What is its come out – all of a sudden everyone is his good friend, he is no longer the loser he was a few days ago but, are they truly in it for the friendship? Will, he be able to take rein on his life or will people use him like a piece of wood, whittled to nothing. Understanding a mindset of a teen is difficult–because all teens are different. All we as readers can do is have faith in Brandon to stop his incredulous behavior against people like Mr. Carver and Kayla trying to help him become a better person.

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