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Dysphagia and the Nutritional Status of Miss E

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Miss E has developed dysphagia, inflammation of the throat, goiter, acid reflux, lethargy and being continually tired. She no longer likes eating meat because food sticks in her throat and she has difficulty swallowing the food. Her purchasing power has reduced; thus, she cannot buy fresh vegetables and fruits, which are costly, and thus she ends up eating canned vegetables and fruits. She is also stressed due to her weight loss thus her appetite has been affected. Now, she sometimes eats cereals with milk instead.

Impacts on Overall Nutritional Status

The human body requires adequate food intake to function well and maintain the normal basal metabolic rate. The reduced intake of meat affects the protein content of her diet and therefore causes her body to waste away. The weight loss is due to the protein intake that does not meet that that which her body needs. She still consumes fruits and vegetables and carbohydrates. The overall health of Miss E is at risk due to the change in her dietary habits as she is more prone to diseases.

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Nutrients Low in Diet

Miss E avoids the intake of meat which contains proteins of high biological value that is necessary for bodybuilding and repairing damaged tissues. It contains vitamin B12, which is water-soluble, and used for blood formation and the proper functioning of the nerves. Miss E rarely eats meat which contains vitamin B12 thus she could be deficient. Additionally, cobalamin absorption in the body reduces with age and thus at 81 years old, Miss E needs to increase her intake of vitamin B12 to avoid the deficiency. Iron and the B complex vitamins will also be low in her diet. Miss E might experience a deficiency of zinc, iron, phosphorus, or selenium (Pereira and Vicente 588).

General Concerns

The general concern about Miss E is that her body will become too weak to prepare her meals thus end up skipping a certain meal. Her food habits are changing, and as a result, her intake is not reaching the daily physical requirements. Her recent weight loss implies that her body needs more nutrients to maintain optimal metabolism. She might be deficient in calcium, magnesium, or phosphorous which may be causing the tiredness of her body.

Impacted Nutrition and Health Status

Miss E has changed her dietary habits from cooked meals to taking cereals and milk and fruits and vegetable. The result is that her diet lacks essential amino acids from proteins and fatty acids. Her reduced intake of meat should be substituted with plant proteins which are easy to cook and eat, such as pulses.


Miss E ought to take plant and animal proteins such as eggs to ensure that her body accesses adequate amino acids. The recommended amount is estimated at 15g per day. The energy requirement for her is 1600 kcal since she is not very active given that on her two trips to the supermarket she takes the bus rather than walking (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Additionally, she should changer her menu to cereals and milk for breakfast instead of main meals and cook her food for lunch and supper. The food should be high energy ones to ensure that the tiredness is dispelled. It is also recommendable for her to take a vitamin or mineral supplement to increase the uptake of the nutrients until she attains the recommended daily allowance (RDA).


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