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Literary genre

Major Characters
  • The characters in Dystopia are named ‘We’. The components of the ‘We’ are further given alphabet-numerical descriptions. The Narrator/protagonist is the universal god-king and his name is D-503.
  • The I-300 is a lethal woman, and a spy in a category called “Mata Hari.” Next is 0-90, another female character that presents gentleness and softness. The R-13 shares a sexual triangle and is a poet. The others are U and S-4711.
Based on

Dystopia is based on the characteristics of an oppressive society where the roots of a utopian society are overlooked. It is a social life that doesn’t respect human rights and all rules of humanity are overlooked. The lives of the citizens in a dystopian society are constantly a nightmare.

  • X is a math equation that symbolizes the unknown factor
  • The hairy hands are symbolized embarrassment from a bad society
  • The wall symbolizes citizens
  • The garden of Eden symbolizes paradise, submission of forbidden knowledge
  • Math symbolizes certainty

The characters in Dystopia engage in fights against damage to the environment, the reign of technology, and oppressive governments. These are actions people can take against their governments when things are not working out as they should.


Several centuries have passed since the One State conquered the whole world. They are now building a large spaceship to send it on a mission to conquer the planets. A One-State chief engineer named D-503 is writing a journal that he envisions its contents will be implemented in the spaceship.

Why is this topic important?

The leaders of One State believe only the weapons of mass destruction will end a long-fought battle on the planet. They use weapons that wipe out the entire global population except for 0.2%. Dystopia is important in a society that only thinks about itself and ignores the people.

Main Ideas

The main ideas in Dystopia are about the people accepting to think differently concerning the political scenario in their country. They may in some circumstances stand for action.

Key Quotes
  • Yevgeny Zamyatin, we: “Revolutions are infinite and there can never be a final one.”
  • “She sat down and proceeded to play something wild, convulsive, and loud, as they had done all their lives up to that point—no reasonable mechanism insight.” (4.8)
  • “What precise beauty! I perceive myself as a part of a massive, strong, connected organism. There was not a single unnecessary move, bow, or turn.” (7.3)
Interesting facts
  • Dystopia is older than the readers might think. Its history is traced back to 1747.
  • Yevgeny Zamyatin began reading literature at the age of four.
Why should this topic be used?

Yevgeny Zamyatin reminds the reader why it is okay to be afraid of some things done by the government. Even though they fear, they also have a right to speak against them. In the midst of all that, readers should reflect on the future while focusing on the current social and political situations.

Arguments for

Yevgeny Zamyatin’s plot is futuristic although he is writing it in both current and future scenarios. Since the characters didn’t live in the present but in the future, he couldn’t have given them names the way people are used to. Yet, in the future, the true nature and names will be revealed.
The characters are both female and male to show how in the future both men and women shall have an equal share of power, wealth, and social status.

Arguments against

The writer Yevgeny Zamyatin chose to use numbers and letters to describe his characters. This significantly affected the influence of the plot. Had to be named his characters the traditional way, his work could have impacted more.

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