Earth Pollution: Causes and Effects

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Pollution has been affecting the world in many ways for many years and it will probably affect the world for many years. Which cause and effect of pollution? has been hurting the world by making animals get diseases and die more often than they usually do. Another effect of pollution is that oceans are getting dirty from oil and other focal fuels that are getting into the water. Pollution has been affecting the world by giving the earth bad air quality by the gasses releasing themselves into the atmosphere. Pollution has been affecting the world in such bad negative ways that it is even destroying the earth.

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Pollution can affect the world in bad ways, an example of this is animals will get diseases and die. More animals going extinct is bad because if animals go extinct, predators will not be able to eat the animals that they eat before. If the predators do not get the food from their prey, they could go extinct from not eating and not getting the nutrients they need. If the animals that go up the food chain to humans all die from not getting enough food or go extinct from diseases could leave humans with a shortage of food. Animals getting diseases, dying, and going extinct can cause less energy because humans get most of their energy from animals. The plant could even die and go extinct from pollution and has almost all of the same details as animals. As can be seen, animals dying from diseases and going extinct is a really big effect of pollution.

Another large effect of pollution is that the oceans are getting dirtier and dirtier year by year. A bad part of the oceans getting dirty is that the coral reefs that millions of sea animals live on are dying from all of the fossil fuels getting into the water. Coral reefs dying are bad because a lot of the world’s sea animals live on coral reefs, and they could die from having no protection. Fish and other sea animals can die if there get too many fossils in the water. Pollution can also cause the earth’s beaches to get dirty, and they will then become unusable for things that people do on a beach.

Another bad effect of pollution is the air quality is bad and it has been getting worse for many years. Air pollution is causing people to have a harder time breathing from all the bad gasses being released into the air. The bad air quality is making things that should be strong disintegrate from the wind blowing on things. Bad air quality is making animals die from the diseases that are some of the effects of bad air quality. As can be seen, even bad air quality can affect the earth in a really bad way.

Finally, that's the cause and effect of pollution. Pollution has been hurting the earth for many years and will hurt it for many more by making animals dies, making oceans dirty, and giving people bad air quality. Animals dying can make the earth have less energy because the food chain could completely collapse. The earth has dirty oceans that can cause animals to die because the coral reefs not protecting them from their predators. The bad air quality can make people die if they already have a hard time breathing because of all the bad gasses in the air. The world needs to stop pollution, to stop all of these problems that are happening.      

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