Sydney Royal Easter Show: What is It, Evening Highlights and Visitor Guide


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Easter for the Catholics is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It is usually celebrated with family gatherings, an Easter party, Easter egg hunts, and lots of cute bunnies. But for the city of Sydney, they have a bigger event on an epic scale according to the website of Time Out.

Every Easter, the city of Sydney is filled with dozens of cute little puppies, wobbly pigs, adorable alpacas, and hundreds of people for their annual Roya Easter Show. The event will run for two long weeks where locals and even thousands of tourists will be in the city to witness and participate in the many activities that they hold during the Royal Easter Show. This year, the event will fall on April 12th until the 23rd, so you have a few more days to fly to Sydney to join the fun.

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What is the Sydney Royal Easter Show?

According to the website, the event that was first held in 1823 is an annual ticketed event that celebrates the culture of Australia where they also feature the rural old traditions along with their modern-day lifestyle. The unique experience is said to attract over 850,000 attendees on average as mentioned on their website.

The event is also a way for the organizers to invest in local competitions, agricultural programs, youth projects, education programs, and rural improvement. Every year, the national government along with the local government ties up to hold the event where animal experiences, live entertainment, shopping, agricultural competitions, and many more take place as shared on the website of Sydney.

Event Highlights & Visitor Guide

For two long weeks, they will hold different kinds of events and activities that will definitely excite every attendee. To help you explore and plan the upcoming events and to make sure that you won’t miss the events that you want to attend, we’ve rounded up some of the activities at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show to help you.

See and Do. The event has literally hundreds of activities lined up for everyone. There are some evening entertainment programs like the Grand Parade, which will take place at Sydney Showdown Stadium on April 13, 15, and 20 in the afternoon and the Marching Bands that will wake up all your senses in various locations of the event. Why not check on the competitions that will take place daily at the Arts & Crafts Pavilion and the Fashion & Style Pavilion?

Learn and Grow. It’s time to get all your hands dirty and participate in the different farming activities that they will offer at the event such as the Junior Farm Hands, the Dairy Farmers Working, the Sheep Shearing & Display Event, and the Farm of the Future which will happen daily. Other workshops that will allow you to discover a new skill or improve an existing one are also on schedule like the Fun Floral Challenge, the Bakers Challenge, and the Bee Hotel Kids Workshop.

Ride & Play. The kids will be ecstatic because of the different rides and activities made especially for them in the annual Sydney Royal Easter Show. There are the Coca-Cola Carnival and the Kid’s Carnival, where everyone can play and ride all day long for two weeks! Some of the fun rides are the Alien Abduction, High Country Pony Rides, Space Roller, Wave Swinger, Crazy Spinning Coaster, and more!

Animals Overload. All the animal lovers are in luck because the Royal Easter Show has a wide list of events and exhibits featuring different kinds of animals. There will be competitions, a petting area, and playing spots where visitors are welcome. Some of the animals that you can see in the event are dogs, birds, rabbits, goats, alpacas, and even pigs! There will also be some fun competition involving the cute and amazing animals all throughout the event, as shared in

Go Shopping! Aside from the entertaining activities in this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show, there will be some shops in various areas of the event where guests can buy locally made products and other items. There is the Nest located in the Steggles Poultry Pavilion, the RASF Ag Bag at the Home & Lifestyle Pavilion, as well as the Florist Shop in the Flower & Garden Pavilion.

Eat and Drink. No one will go hungry as they roam around the event because various booths will be selling different kinds of cuisines to cater to the needs and cravings of the visitors. There will be coffee, waffles, oysters, burger pies, juices, gelatos, schnitzel, Italian food, and even some seafood.

Tickets. The Sydney Royal Easter Show offers early bird tickets that are discounted and have a price range of $22 to $37. As for the regular walk-in guests, the price range is $27 to $43. There are other ticket categories and particular event tickets that you can book through their website.

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