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Easter Celebration Traditions and Rituals Around the World

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Easter is among the most joyous and broadly recognized events in the Christian calendar and is celebrated in several countries all around the world.

However, not everyone celebrates Easter in the exact same manner, and a few of the methods that it is celebrated across the world might appear quite strange. Below are a few of the various ways in which individuals globally celebrate Easter.

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In Germany, it is traditional to hollow out and decorate Easter eggs using vivid colors and patterns, and then hang them up on trees, much like the decorating of a Christmas tree. Since 1965, 75-year-old Volker Kraft has been decorating the apple tree in his backyard with 10,000 Easter eggs, bringing thousands of people each year.


Latvians play a game in which every participant has an egg, and 2 of those eggs are exploited together. The participant whose egg breaks is straight out of this match, and the procedure is continued with all players until each egg has been broken. The individual who has the final remaining egg would be the winner.

The Czech Republic

On Easter Monday, the tradition here is to get boys to use baits made of willow branches and decorated with ribbons to whip girls around the thighs. The willow tree is the very first tree to bloom in spring, so this tradition is supposed to attract the girl fertility and health. Even though it does not seem very appealing, if a girl gets whipped a lot of times, it is actually seen as a great thing because it’s a representation of its own fame. The whipping is assumed to be enjoyable instead of painful. Additionally, this is a tradition in Slovakia.


Australians don’t get to appreciate Easter eggs from the Easter Bunny. They do, however, get to enjoy these from the Easter Bilby. This was transformed in Australia partially due to a dislike of rabbits, since they destroy the crops, and partially to increase awareness of the bilby, an endangered animal in Australia. In addition, they have to enjoy chocolate bilbies rather than chocolate bunnies.


From the Mexican city of Iztapalapa, a passion play is generated. Everybody is the city is concerned, although lead roles are given to those who fulfill the visual appeal and height limitations, and who are good folks who can be trusted. The annual drama was initially created in 1833 from the natives of a cholera outbreak to give thanks, and it is currently a massive tourist attraction, having an annual audience of about a million. Every calendar year, the productions turned into even more complicated.


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