Ebay Company and the Analysis of the Data Breaching Issue


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Data breaching is the situation in which information is accessed by the unauthorized person without relevance authorities. Over the last decades, data breach continues to be a threat to companies and their customers. States that over 16 separate insecurity cases on company data breaching have occurred from January 2017 up to now. He continues to state that the plagues are on the rise in both retailer and other business companies. A cybersecurity firm recently reported that 80% to 90% of the logins in the e-commerce aims are hackings using stolen data. Bloomberg stated that in 2016 data breaching increase by 40% over the previous years.(cyber-attacks/data-breach-101, 2018) States steps that happen in data breaching. They include, first when data breaching is about to happen the hacker makes a research in order to get the weakness in the securities of the company. This weakness can be shown by people who may leak the information to unauthorized personnel, weakness in the company systems or even the networks. Secondary the hacker or the cybercriminal makes an initial attack using network or even social media. Network attack occurs when the hacker uses either systems or application to get into the companies network. On the other hand, the social attack is when the hacker uses social media to trick employee in order to get their information. Once the hacker gets into the companies network he manipulates the systems functioning in favor of his intention. The hacker is considered to have succeeded if he/she is able to mine data from the system.

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Data breaching is very costly and may be a threat to the company’s ability to deliver its operations. This has resulted to need for companies to identify these threats and reduce them. Recently there are numerous companies that have experienced data breaching. Some of them are; Equifax, where information like security numbers and employer’s history was leaked to over 143 million people, Verizon whose information of 14 Million people, were accessed illegally. This information includes phone numbers and pin numbers among other credentials. This paper describes eBay Company and the analysis of the data breaching issue.

eBay is a multinational e-commerce firm that is suited in San Jose, California, the U.S.A. the company was founded on 3 September 1995. Since the eBay company have been offering online shopping to her customers for 23 years up-to-date. The company’s operations have spread over the world with over 30 countries of operations in the world, this is the result of the study published in 2011. Fig 1 shows the eBay headquarters in the U.S.A. The companies websites always buyers to buy good online free it charges a commission to the seller. Sellers are given a list of goods and services to sell online for which if they exceed the limit they are obligated to pay a charge.

eBay has grown exponentially especially over the recent past. The company has a record of spreading all over the world offering its services. Despite the many achievements, the company is still on a threat of data breaching. The company experience this hazardous especially in 2014.

In his article stipulate that eBay was urging its over 145 million customers to change their credentials. Mark Carges the chief technologist in eBay noticed some unusual behavior on the network. Anomalies were detected that signaled threat in the company database. This followed a hacking that compromised customers passwords and their personal information. This attack occurred over a period of two months February and March in the year 2014. It was noticed when some of the employee log-in details were compromised. The attacker used this chance to get and gain access to a company’s network. It is recorded that eBay warned her frequent uses to change their password. The company releases a statement that said: “We are working with law enforcement and leading security experts to aggressively investigate the matter.

In his article, he states that the attack that occurred in 2014 in eBay was ranked as the biggest attraction the company has had. He continues to state that the cybercriminal used the credentials of three employees who were corporate. This channeled the hacker to the company’s database. The hacker was able to get the password belonging to all users via their email addresses.(Cook, n.d.) States that the impact of the breach to corporate Security was of no impact because most logins in the company’s website are for personal reasons. These services do not record sensitive personal information. On the other hand, eBay is at a threat according to the research done by Joseph from Cambridge University that 31% of the password is reused. This means hackers can use the password to get access to users credentials.

According to eBay, the hacker did not have access to the credit card numbers or any financial information from the PayPal accounts.


Following the attach that eBay experienced in 2014, all her users are encouraged to change their credentials for all cloud services. This is if their details match those in the eBay database. Additionally, the eBay technical team show constantly look and analyses any malicious behavior on their services and should inform their users as well. Data reaching is real. This has been confirmed by the eBay attack in 2014. Being a multinational company, the company was not secure from breaching. Therefore it’s of my opinion that. eBay users should constantly update their logins credential, should not share any personal information with the strangers or anybody else. The company technical team should be in lookup of the same scenario.

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