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Economic Wars Between America And China

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Everyday living makes up the news of the day that goes all around the world. Our news makes up the entertainment of what we see as exciting that goes on near us. Our news is filled with social media upkeeps of fashion, tragedy, and politics. The articles Trump hits China with tariffs on $200 Billion in goods, escalating trade war, and with ships and missiles, and China is ready to challenge U.S. Navy in Pacific show examples of international events in our news. The articles have two competing actors in common, China and the U.S. The articles were published late August-September of 2018 shortly after the news picked up the conflict about the two countries going at each other and later was aired. As of the people behind the action, they could obviously pick out that the U.S. wages a trade war against China. Furthermore, this writing will discuss and display the different levels of analysis between each article, the international relations it is connected to in world politics, and the implicants behind the event.(Frieden, chapter 2, pg. 49) Also, to go deep into depth of theoretical tools to develop an understanding of real-world events.

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President Donald Trump announced imposing tariffs on $200 billion worth of goods which is 10% to China, due to how America has obvious strong sturdy economic hold up compared to how slump China’s economic power is in their country.(Stanza 1,Line 1) Economist administers, Mr. Trump, and Lou Jiwei, the China’s finance minister, are the main actors in the trade war that was just created to be interpreted as a threat to China for hurting America’s economy.(Stanza 20,Line 1) The trade war rapidly increased with Beijing this past Monday, September 17. Trump encouraged the trade war when it was noticed that there was property theft by China for a few millions of dollars. Trump stated that “For four months, we have urged China to change these unfair practices and give fair and reciprocal treatment to American companies.” (Stanza 4, Line 1) Which also opened later that Trump has been sending statements and deals for China to respond back to for almost all the mid-2018. After Trump seen that China is not responding and showing huge signs of being uninterested to change their practices that he felt was hurting American business, by restricting and reducing sales of goods into the U.S.(Stanza 4, Line 5)

The tariffs are directed at forcing China to change longstanding trade practices, and to hurt China but could also affect the American consumers and raise pricings on everyday goods.(Stanza 7,Line 1) Like food, clothing, and materials for work or schooling. The slow economy of China’s consumers restraining back and spending less to nothing at all in the shopping season is expected to increase as America’s tariffs elevates upwards. (Stanza 5, Line 3) By variation the United States has continued to undergo strong economic growth. For example, having the lowest unemployment rate since 2000. (Stanza 5, Line 7) The explanation of President Trump wanting to hit China with $200 Billion worth of trade goods fits the theme of international relations because the global event that Trump and China are going through shows the two different sides of how economies go against each other to fight and show where the greater power wins and how they fit on the systemic level of analysis. The trade war is important to both sides because China, the U.S. or any other countries want the same thing profit, tools, money, and greater power. Trump hits China with the induvial decision he made that he thought would help the U.S. against China, for not wanting to stop hurting the U.S. economy when it comes to making a profit. Trump’s main purpose for this trade war is to bring something out to the next level. The economic status of the U.S. is far greater than China’s, the tariffs that China is seeking to send back can chip away at the U.S. growth. (Stanza 9, Line 1)

Trump’s decision was a serious one, one which there is no end in sight. (Stanza 13, Line 1) To come to an conclusion on saving the economy, later in late September China and U.S. agreed to meet up in Washington to discuss a deal, in the moment it seem to be still unclear for China to take that risk of shaking hands with the U.S. on anything due to the timeline of the U.S. sending threats of trade war starting from March of 2018 to now, September 2018. (Stanza 13, Line 2) Finally, Washington’s view feels that the more threats and more tariffs towards China will put the country more at ease and make them more cooperative for future debates. (Stanza 18, Line 1) Instead, after political parties gather for a settlement, Trump demands cuts in Chinese tariffs, and to make their investments to have some restrictions but if the U.S consumers purchase materials that are “made in China”, China is going to buy back only 25% of the U.S. treasury bonds. Which means sponsor the debt. The debt embraces the huge new borrowings are created to carry over trillions of dollars to the top out of 1% in the Republican tax cuts. Which leads up to forcing the Chinese industrial policy to get rid of the name “Made in China” in 2025 which is going to have China to accept key features such as low interest rates and large loans to favored industries. (Stanza 32, Line 1).

China announced in April of 2018 that the DF-26(one of the Chinese missiles) has entered services for the Pacific directed at the U.S. Navy. (Stanza 22, Line 1, Article 2) The Navy never faced a threat like this one. The American Congress found out by a research warned report that the Chinese considered this a missile “game challenge”. (Stanza 24, Line 2, Article 2) The U.S. needs to be prepared to take in the first blow. Even though they were informed late, Beijing and Washington said the U.S. will be prepared. Lyle Morris and analysts from the RAND corporation, the U.S. Navy/Military, the congress party, and the Republic of China are the main actors of this war. (Stanza 27, Line 1, Article 2) The U.S. reacted on how the war was going to bedevil. The U.S. can count on the support of South Korea and Japan for the war. The war took place when America got their two warships the destroyer Higgins, and the simple cruiser Antietam in May. When Beijing stated that this is a provocative act. (Stanza 14, Line 1, Article 2) The Chinese vessels rushed to challenge what was said. The weapon the Chinese are using the new YJ-12B anti-ship cruise missile. (Stanza 24, Line 2, Article 2) The Chinese is encouraging their actions with the missile because they are preparing for military conflict from the sea and to test the sea worthiness. China is going after The U.S. and their allies for the unchallenged demands it wanted since the timing of WW1. (Stanza 6, Line 2, Article 2) The expansion of Chinese interest and capabilities directed conflict. China is trying to protect their rights and interest in the Pacific. The growth of Chinese power doesn’t sit right with the U.S. But even worse the Chinese is not satisfied with the U.S. regional security system and the alliances they created with the regional states. The big question is “who will win this war?”, or “how will it end?” It’s hard to determine the next move, since they have different plans for the war. But the war in this article will turn on some questions about electronic warfare, international relations, alliances and quality vs. quantity. (Frieden, chapter 2, pg. 50).

This war has dug up the study of international relations in the form of world politics within the states, and non-states union. China represents the Non-state factor, while the U.S. is the state factor out of these two competing actors war event.(Frieden, chapter 2, pg. 53) The two states showed their position of the state level of analysis in politics by allowing the economic power, military power, and their domestic factors to take over.(Frieden, introduction chapter, pg. 27) China showed the historical part and a behavioral part of the war with how they expressed how long they been wanting a battle with the U.S. since back in WW1 era.(Stanza 6,Line 2,Article 2) China emphases how their behavior actions towards the U.S was aggressive because they approached and reacted to U.S., by going through the U.S. Navy and setting up a warship battle. The U.S. shows their economic interests during the war with their security, and economic welfare they have supporting their system. This war is important to American history because of what it interprets about countries and power. How countries government works within their economy system, and the overall threat countries can cause between one another while making history to the era we are in. The war ended in China still wanting to defeat the U.S. while the U.S. is still finding ways to stop China from growing in their government system policies. They will still be at war probably always, not always physical to the world’s eyes, but they will be striving for the other to cooperate or end up starting more collaboration problems between them. (Frieden, chapter 2, pg. 56)

Together these two articles built a demonstration of an enhanced direct look at two powerful countries going from skills of cooperation and bargaining to war. (Frieden, chapter 2, pg., 48) The U.S. showed their power to China with their huge support of their economic and government system. They had strong debates, alliances, and history of interest of how they make things to continue to be good old America. China showed the U.S. their placement as a non-state in the many departments of the levels of analysis in international relations. China had strong administered, great challenges, and a long history of wanting to cause for defeat. Big important events were really “Made in China” just as much as “We the people will make America Great again!”.

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