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Ecuador: A Rosy Export Future

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According to research, Ecuador is known as being the biggest exporter of bananas however, over the past two years it has dominated in a product that is consistently in high demand on Valentine’s day, Mother’s day and/or during the wedding season. We may love their scent, to their colors of cream, orange, purple, yellow, pink and/or the infamous bright red color. Ecuador’s has become the leading exporter of Roses. We will look into its physical environment, economic, and competitiveness.

Ecuador and Colombia are competing side by side. Columbia being also the largest exporter. Ecuador dominates as they have a higher demand in Russia placing them ahead. What separates them are how they are grown and cut. In 2007-2009 during the Global economic recession fell 42% in its exports however; a system was created in how they was grown. Throughout, the 90-100 days’ farmers keep clipping roses till they hit maturity and are ready to be shipped. This ten-day mark is vital as it is allows a certain amount of control especially under uncontrolled weathers. As roses are given more sunlight they mature faster compared to when less sunlight is given and it is under colder weather. The Demand of roses are high greatly in the United States during Valentine’s day, specifically red ones. Mother’s day being the second day of the highest demand where colorful roses are more in need. Lastly, during Wedding seasons cream colored roses are widely popular. With over 6, 500 roses widely available farmers in Ecuador cannot produce them all. Farmers such as the Hoja Verde have a variety of 400 roses unlike the Grupo Vegaflor providing 60 varieties. To properly keep balance with how many roses are in demand throughout the rest of the year when they aren’t as important managers have to estimate the demand, how much of the area to relocate and when to bring those up to maturity. For a country to excel in the demands of a certain product it is important to know how they are exceeding expectations. Ecuador’s location has a lot to do with how they grow their roses.

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As Ecuador is on the Equator sun is directly over the country throughout the year. This allows the growth of roses to move much quickly year round and their temperature remains on a consistent pattern. Roses are grown on the north side Ecuador at its capital Quito, and the other side is grown on the south side. The north ranging at 70% and the south side at a 30%. The type of water Roses receiev is critical and instead of natural spring water in Ecuador they are given mineral waters that comes down from the Andes Mountains. This allows a beautiful representation of how they look, they are grown with larger buds, bright vivid colors, with high lengths of its stem along with an extended life. The way these Roses are grown and how they look are the main reason why they are so highly demanded in the United States and its heights especially in Russia. Ecuador being a high demanded export of Roses they have created and sustain jobs. All roses they are being handled and sold are owned by individual farmers. It maintains a mixture of cooperation and competition. Farmers compete for those customers abroad. Its distributors are wholesalers’ and importers. Each provide different sources. Wholesalers will give their sales to florists and retailers whereas, importers will sell to much larger customers and mass markets.

One thing that I found quite interesting is that those who sell do not operate in a very professional setting it is more personalized through verbal agreements and done through trust. ATHs they are sold into the United States they aren’t held responsible if anything is done to them but rather if anything detrimental such as diseases or sending the inaccurate request of flowers.


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