Edgar Allan Poe and His Influence on Other American Authors

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Edgar Allan Poe’s writings helped impact society in many ways by influencing other authors. His writing might have also changed the way people think about themselves or may change people’s mindsets in good or bad ways. Poe’s poems made a great impact on the French Symbolists of the late 19th century. Also, his poems and books might have changed his life as growing up and turning into an adult. Edgar Allan Poe’s writings impacted society because his childhood was very dark and difficult. Edgar Allan Poe had a very difficult life growing up because he was not well paid. Poe was not getting paid much that caused him to become poor. Poe started writing because that was the only way he knew to get money. His life growing up was also very dark meaning he went through some bad times which also caused him to suffer from depression. Once Poe’s writings started to gain more attention, he started to support himself more and his work became limited. Some of Poe’s depression was caused because his wife died of a disease. Some of his poems and writings also influenced and had an impact on American culture.

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Both of Poe’s parents were were professional actors who both died when he was only three years old. Life was pretty hard for him to back then because his parents died so he then became an orphan. Poe eventually got adopted by John and Frances Allan in Richmond, Virginia. Later, Poe was sent to a boarding school in London, England. “In 1827, he moved to Boston and enlisted in the United States Army”. He moved to Boston because his mom loved Boston very much and he wanted to join the United States Army. Poe eventually fell in love with a lady named Sarah Elmira Royster. They fell in love during 1825, Poe was 16 and Royster was 15 at the time. They broke up because he needed to focus more on studying at the University of Virginia. Poe then married a lady named Virginia Clemm. Poe and Clemm were first cousins when they married, Clemm was 13 and Poe was 27. Clemm then died of tuberculosis which caused Poe to have severe depression.

Some of Edgar Allan Poe’s writings focused on deaths. In the stories “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Raven”, and “The Black Cat” someone/ some animal died. Poe’s writing was mainly about death because as he was growing up and his life was dark. Poe was a very depressed child. When he was young, Poe’s father abandoned him. The family was also very poor so Poe thought that he could make money off of his writings, and eventually, he did. Some of Poe’s depression came from his wife dying of tuberculosis in 1847. He then moved into Richmond with his aunt and cousin in Virginia which may settle some of his depression. In addition, Poe enrolled at the University of Virginia where he got a good education. Edgar also joined the U.S. Army and did well as a soldier. Poe soon lost interest in West Point and realized it wasn’t something he wanted to do.

Edgar Allan Poe was one of the most important influential American writers. “Much of Poe’s work was inspired by the events that happened around him”. Poe’s inspiration for the Usher twins, James Campbell Usher and Agnes Pye Usher, helped him get to where he is now. Poe started his career as being writing because he knew he needed to make money and he was a great author. He eventually became responsible for the financial support of his aunt where he could make more money. “Poe’s reputation today rests primarily on his tales of terror as well as on his haunting lyric poetry”. “He is widely acknowledged as the inventor of the modern detective story and an innovator in the science fiction genre, but he made his living as America’s first great literary critic and theoretician”. Poe influenced many authors such as Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, E. T. A. Hoffmann, and Thomas De Quincey. Many of those authors helped get him where he is today. Edgar Allan Poe wouldn’t be where he is today if he did not start his career as an author.

Edgar Allan Poe knew he was becoming poorer and poorer so he decided that writing short stories would help him and his family out by making money. Poe eventually made some money after his stories started getting published and more and more people started buying them. Also, more and more people started getting inspired by his short stories which caused more people to read his stories. Poe made good money off of his short stories. He was also inspired by many other artists that influenced him to write more.

Poe’s life was also very dark growing up meaning he was very depressed. Many things caused him to be depressed such as not having a lot of things because he was poor, deaths, not having a lot of money, etc. Ever since Poe started writing stories that helped him a lot throughout his life because he started making money. If Poe did not start writing short stories, his life could still be very depressed and he could still be poor. Not only did Poe help his life but he also helped others’ lives because many people were influenced by his stories. “Poe began to sell short stories to magazines at around this time, and, in 1835, he became the editor of the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond, where he moved with his aunt and cousin in Virginia”. This quote shows how he was starting to make money because he first began to sell his short stories and magazines. Poe started to become happy with his life and was no longer depressed a lot. Poe wrote a poem called “The Happiest Day” which also influenced a lot of people to have a good day. Seeing that people were getting influenced by his writings, he felt a lot better about himself than he was before.

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