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Introduction and Background

One of the important aspect of a traditional classroom-based learning model is to physically manage it using paper-based records. However, today, there are platforms that help in effective management of classrooms without reliance on the use of paper. These platforms are highly effective in saving valuable time, that instructors typically spend on tasks such as making copies, manually grading papers, and more (Robinson, 2017). One such platform, which can help increase an instructor’s productivity is Edmodo.Com. Using Edmodo, educators can fully control their classroom activities ranging from assignments to student progress. With the need for performing petty tasks out of the way, Edmodo lets instructors focus on teaching the subject matter.

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Experience Using Edmodo.Com

As an educator, Edmodo.Com was extremely useful for me, primarily because of its ability to integrate with Microsoft Office and various Google applications. Microsoft Office is a tool that I have used for years and since Edmodo integrates with MS Office, I did not have to learn a new software to administer my study materials. Furthermore, being able to integrate effectively with Google applications, I was able to store my materials on Google Drive using Edmodo. This allowed me to access my class from anywhere, while also allowing for effective collaboration between my students. This collaborative feature of Edmodo.Com allowed me to share pertinent information such as due dates, classroom events, announcements and even allow for class to share their thoughts about a discussion topic (Fryer, 2016). Given the unique nature of my topic, namely cloud-computing, I am using several open-source resources as well as other online resources to teach the course. Edmodo.Com allows to integrate such open source content in the course, that could be effectively shared between the students. One of my favorite features of Edmodo.Com is Edmodo Spotlight which helps in discovering and grouping of relevant free and premium content. Another helpful feature was Edmodo Snapshot, that allowed me to deliver customized lessons to my students, thereby increasing learner engagement and support.

Effective Utilization of Edmodo.Com

From the perspective of an educator, I found that Edmodo offers an all-under-one-roof solution, wherein all the tools needed to effectively administer the class are in one place. From being able to effectively collaborate with my class, to administer course remotely to not worry about forgetting passwords, Edmodo has it all. In terms of mastering the use of Edmodo, I found the learning curve was very small. The platform has a wide community base, wherein users share their experiences and I was able to find answers to some of the issues that I faced while setting up the course. I also interacted with the community members and sought helpful suggestions from them in setting up my course. Thus, all in all Edmodo helped me in setting up a well-organized paperless classroom, while also allowing me to deliver a personalized learning experience tailored to my students’ learning objectives.

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