Education and Society Can Prosper with Empowerment Through Skills

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AP Globale taught us an invaluable lesson. The gradual development of personal skills and that includes social and analytical abilities would be realized through the skill India courses. Shortcuts do not exist in this grim path to achieve a high level of literacy and resultant progress. It is good to think that positive change is possible with the right educational recipe in place. Education brings confidence in the ability to deal with whatever problems may arise.

The future sometimes does appear dark, but literacy makes you morally strong. The quality of life improves and it is a pleasant lifestyle that receives a boost with capable individuals practicing deeper thought. We sincerely believe that the noble quality of education can drive and succeed with the realization of bigger dreams. Leaders and the media are directly and indirectly motivating the youth to rise high. The secret to success is the acquisition of a variety of working skills. With skill sets, success is assured at all the levels from the local to the international. We insist on women empowerment organizations too in order to achieve a harmonious development of both the sexes. Definitions of prosperity may differ according to cultures and countries. Yet, service to family and the society is universal and recognized everywhere. Consider the larger meaning and you run into the problems of race and equality. While it is true that development is not equal all over the world, it is the local scenario that is foremost to be considered. Fish cannot climb trees.

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Among the international hotly debated topics are climate change and forests being destroyed, rising temperatures and water levels that would flood low lying countries. A few dangers are too terrible to consider. The skill India initiative would inculcate values and motivate change and sacrifice, labor and a common struggle. Together, we can succeed with resources and time spent to rescue humanity, or ourselves, in other words. We fondly hope that the transmission of skills would set the ball rolling in achieving a beloved dream. If the efforts succeed in creating a foundation of peace, prosperity and goodwill, that is the fervent desire fulfilled. Conversely, the evils have to be suppressed or they will become hurdles and the good will not flourish. Education lights up the path as has always happened through the ages. Aimed realistically to deal with the present situation, a sound education will lead the way to a heartwarming future that understands issues and finds solutions. We believe that it is a dream possible to achieve as we continue to strive to mold the society and the human thinking in the right direction.

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