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Education plays an important role in everyone’s life. We consider education as a tool that helps us to exist. Our life actually starts with education and learning when we are trying to figure out how to walk or how to talk, then how to read and write, and so on. These are the first steps in everyone's education. This paper is devoted to another level of education that provides us with the necessary knowledge and skills that help us to find a job or to be useful citizens in society. Today's tendencies and the idea of successful life lead young American people to get a degree to succeed and to be accepted in society. But can we actually consider this education as a key to success and as a guarantee of getting a better job?

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Why do we ask ourselves this question? Nowadays it is not that easy to enroll in a college to achieve all these necessary skills and to get a diploma. Here are some of the reasons: firstly, it is a time-consuming and difficult process. Not everyone is ready to follow the strict rules, work hard and attend all the classes. Statistics show that 100 thousand American students get expelled each year. The next and the most popular reason that prevents young people from enrolling in a college is money. American education is extremely expensive. The average annual price for studying is 50 000$.

Thus, the formulation of the answer to the question of whether higher education guarantees a better job and success provokes a little contradiction. Undoubtedly, today's labor market in the United States of America with a galore of lots of different specialties offers you a wide range of professional choices. The vast majority of them simply require a degree higher than just a school education. Moreover, a college degree provides its graduates not only with specific professional skills but also with social ones, the ability to learn and achieve goals. Employers frequently see graduates as more responsible and motivated workers who can communicate well and who are initiative in solving problems. We can back this statement up with a key finding of the Center on Education and the Workforce of the USA: only 36% of job positions that are going to be opened during 2020 will not require a degree beyond high school. Therefore, analyzing this data makes us think that getting a good education nowadays is not a bad idea.

From the other point of view, a lot of graduates face some severe challenges in finding a desirable position. People are trying to find whatever they can in the labor market because of the fear of unemployment. And the choice often means taking a position that is not related to their specialty. According to this information, we can clearly answer that there is no precise guarantee, that can be given by a college, that you will definitely find a good job. We can back this claim up by statistics provided by career coach Ashley Stahl in a Forbes interview that approximately a third of graduates work on positions that are slightly related to their degree specialty. But still, those people who are graduated from college are more likely to have a higher income than those who only have a school degree. Statistics from Cornerstone university show that graduates earn 1 million dollars more during their lifetime than people without a degree.

To sum up, we can say that a college education doesn't actually give a guarantee that you are definitely going to find a perfect job that fits your specialty. Lots of things depend on a person's personality, but this degree can be a key to success in a way that it provides you with a big list of skills and competencies that can help to be in priority for employers rather than people who didn't attend a college. Furthermore, graduates earn more and the statistics show that a lot of existing positions and those which are going to be opened in the future require certain education.

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