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Education is different for me than other students from other parts of the world because in the United States schooling is compulsory for all children. Usually, schooling lasts 12 years, until you’re around age 18. You typically start from kindergarten and finish by 12th grade in high school. I was born in Guyana and education was completely different there than in the US Guyana education was taught in a different concept like the subject Math. In the US Math is taught by a different level compared to education in Guyana. When I came to New York I was around the age of 4 and I began to start kindergarten in September. I finish elementary school and went to middle (junior) school. Then I attended high school. If I was living in Guyana that's where I would stop attending school, but today there is higher education like getting your associates or bachelor degrees or even going for your doctorate.

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Education in the US is mandatory and public school is free for every student. Also, going to attend colleges for higher education is free now. So, technically we, the students, are getting education for free and some of us think it’s nothing important and don’t care about it because it’s free and it’s there. Unlike other students around the world that can’t afford education or don’t have the time to get one. Some students around other parts of the world find it difficult to gain education because may be their family or spouse don’t want them to have an education. Or may be getting an education is too expensive, and they can’t afford it. Also, some students can’t reach to the school because it’s too far, so they don’t have transportation.

Another reason could be that there aren’t enough teachers or textbooks to be provided. Just like in the video, a girl mentions they don’t have a science lab in their school. Also, when someone mentions a country like Afghanistan it’s a place of violence and poverty so students don’t usually have education. One major reason why students from other parts of the world might not have an education can be due to marriages. Girls from different countries usually marry and don’t have a time to get an education because they have to manage the house and take care of the kids. Just like how the YouTube video mentions that 33% of girls in Afghanistan are married before the age of 18.

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